Friday , June 18 2021

REPORT: This week will be a new Dragon Age

If you're a fan of Dragon AgeWe are confident that you will be glad that this month BioWare will disclose franchising information. And it is time to sit in your seat because there are new facts about it, and all this is the following Dragon Age will be presented this week and the scene will be marked in The Game Awards in 2018.

Recall that a few days ago, General Manager of BioWare Casey Hudson said that the information about them this month Dragon Age and the attack took place immediately, but the manager told us not to tell when and where to go. And today's report VentureBeat Presented information obtained through anonymous sources closer to BioWare Dragon Age will be presented this week, but they will not be able to say the day, but will be included in the 2018 The Game Awards.

Now, before winning and preparing for a new adventure, you need to know that there are several years to go. We'll tell you about it because it's a new account Dragon Age This is at an early stage of development and at the present time the BioWare plan, under the umbrella of Electronic Arts, requires 3 years, although its development can change at any time. The information will also be available at BioWare's restructuring stage and will be formally established by the creativity of franchisee's creator, Mike Lajlov, from the moment the project was launched in 2017. to be next Dragon Age. From this point of view, the information suggests that Lailay's plans have been eliminated and that both Cassie Hudson and Mark Darra work secretly when managing and developing franchisees. Anthem.

So, only on Thursday, December 6 at 19:30, we are waiting for the celebration of The Game Awards 2018 during the Mexico City of Mexico. Dragon Age.

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