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"River Boca": Defenders who are the main heroes of the Copa Libertadores final


Izquierdoz came and became Mariscal de Boca; his Pratto Duo sets the definition Source: LA NACION – Credit: Daniel Jayo

There are four major players in the superfinal detection area

Copa Libertadores

. On the one hand, Jonathan Maydana and Javier Pinola resisted the hardships of Carlos Iscirados and Lizandro Magollan. Not only to avoid enemy attacks, but also to win aerial game.

It was enough to have a history of traumatic insignia in six games and 46 days


. Identifying places within and outside the Kingdom and taking the lead in the group with a few names over the years.

"It was not the men that won the title," she said, defeating gymnastics from 1 to 0 after a night break in Boca Born in Cordoba, which meant the destruction of the second round. Argentine Cup If there was no doubt before, Kaly was unchangeable at the Mario Campus gorge.

From the time he was in Lausanne, he imposed a 16-series round of play in Libertad after the old sanction, and said he had participated in the other five games of the Libertadores. In the two regions, based on the power of voice, order and arbitrariness, # 21 is the xenophobic command of the last line. He was sentenced to 2-2, even psychologically. Indeed, the irritation continued the length of the tragedy, which shook Carlos Tevez very well, shouting, "Get up!"

His arrival was an old demand

Guillermo Barros Sheloto

guided by. El Mellizo found out that the defender who defended the grenade club would be able to contribute to football and his leadership skills. He has a pension of $ 7 million for a person aged 30 years. And invested only US $ 11 per game (one goal) in the DNA specification of Bocce Caed.

Magdallan appears on the left, which passes at a time. "When it was possible to go to a European club in June, it was one of the main reasons why Libertadores had decided to stay and I decided to go to the final," he told the press.

A year ago, he was also ready to be emigrated. At the 2016/2017 tournament, Platinum, 25, played only two minutes against San Lorenzo. However, 3-1

The river

Bombardier strengthened his defensive charm. Lići was able to take it and could not miss it. Since then, he has played 56 games, scored two goals, attracted attention from clubs in Europe and won another Pavlodar player Paolo Golzt, demanded by Guillermo.

It is very interesting because after the postcode and its main characters are inevitable. But they played only 10 games. The return of Esteban Andrá is confident, the truth is that the trio plays all 186 minutes: from 90 to 1: 0 to Taleser, in the Superleague debut, with only 6-0. Students have been trapped in the first half of the crusade, The leg, the night that broke the rain.

On the right is Leonardo Jarra and on the left with Lucas Oases Boca Defense Area – Melizo is the busiest sector of the future.

Pinola, with Wanchope Ábila in a complete battle; The defender was one of the numbers in the first finals
Pinola, with Wanchope Ábila in a complete battle; The defender was one of the numbers in the first finals Source: LA NACION – Credit: Santiago Filipuzzi

The wall of the billionth

33-year-old Jonathan Maidana, 35, is sharing his experiences with Javier Pinola, who sells the last river. Franco Armani, in the defensive structure, was also a major supporter of the central duet team, both in Montreal and Milton Casco, both of whom strengthened each other and strengthened one another. .

In June 2017, Lucas Martinez forced the technician Marcelo Gallardo to find a partner for the indefinable Maidan in the duplication of the box. And his goal was Pinola, which left the Rosario Center at a very good level, coming to the river and always happy with the club. Their first matches were due to return to the eighth finals of Libertadores in La Liga on August 8 this year against Paraguay Guarani.

In the first semester in 2018 was not good, but starting with 16 games, it won. That is why Martínez Quarta has returned to its place and has become experienced professionals. His first match concurrently defeated Patronato 1-0 in Paraná on March 10, four days later, at the Mendoza, an excellent match to defeat the Argentine Super Cup. Before Bake. They never left the team.

So far, they have played 40 official matches (24 in 2018) and have not duplicated only 13 of the Libertadores: the former Centro Rosario Brazil lost to Flamengo and Maidan 2: 2. He competed in Avelladis, as he scored three stars in the group stage.

Something similar to the historical monument in the package could have been the same: The first game on the bomber was played with two warnings, so another card was a suspension. However, although he was battling with two major attackers like Athletic and Benedetto, the folks were not created, and Pinola was one of the judges of the court: he met all six of his opponents.

The historical front with 274 games, eight goals and 10 titles on the right was a good season at Paradoxan Boca (from 2005 to 2008, he won five times in the championship, including Libertadores 2007) and turned into a river idol. On the left – a veteran Pinola who has scored five goals in 56 games and upgraded his millionaire defender. But they are not only the central page, but also a suit of costumes, a great deal of coaches and a great honor for the fans. And now, on Saturday, they are under great criticism: stop the charitable goal to achieve a major goal.

Cardona asks for a key

When Christian Pruss was absent, Edwin Cardona felt that it was time to seek out loyalty. To show all of their situations, with the ball (one of the enemy's weak points) and the game, their passage was filtered and finishes precisely and with the ability to handle the ball.

Also, taking into account that it will be part of the 18-hour gaming area, it will be as powerful as the holder. This situation depends on tactical tactics. It can combine the common area as a 4-3-3 scoring scenario 4-4-2 on 4-4-1-1.

Colombia Juan Roman Rickelman highly estimated: "I like how Cardona plays, I feel good through the game, I set a great goal in the superclassic river suite, and it is disappointing. We see that we have the ability to play and we love it. "

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