Sunday , August 14 2022

Rodolfo D. Onofrio: "If I make a mistake, I'm sorry"


The final decision of the Superfinals continues in the strained climate. On the morning of that day, the president of the river Rodolfo D 'Onofrio held a press conference to disassociate his playing gambler to his wife in Boca Daniel Angelica.

"Let's play, you can win, we are not so good", launched the largest number of "millionaire" managers. However, later, in the afternoon, The leader of the Núñez organization sought to lower the tone of his statement. «It's not a provocation, we have a good relationship. We're sorry if someone has taken something wrong, I apologize, "said Onofrio in an interview. 90 minutes, a signal generating program Fox Sports.

"Someone can make mistakes if I do, I apologize"Onofrio continued to focus on his duties, as the Government's dispute over the match and his intention to stay at the Monument Stadium. In this regard, Onofrio:President McRi said we wanted to play on the bank of the river.

Antonio Vespucio, in Liberty's case, has ceased the meeting, saying that the director may be "responsible for eight or not, not the situation in the River River." "For that we hired security personnel," he said.

In addition, the group leader accused the security operation, taking into account that violence was outside the stadium. "If the gameplay operation is conducted correctly and you have to guarantee game security, within 24 hours you can play in the river palace," he said.

In turn, he conducted a vigorous interview to analyze the events that took place on the bombshell, when his players attacked the second half of the eighth revision until the end of the 2015 cup when attacking the peppermint spray.

"It's a very different thing since 2015. We do not know who left Boca's micro stones here, "not excluding the topic of the Argentinian soccer-related roster:" A Caverna Godoy is the subject of violence) I do not know it, I did not treat it in my life, and rivers is the first to end. "

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