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Rosario sits eight winners after winning Estudiantes :: El Litoral – News – Santa Fe – Argentina


Picture: La Plata students' editions

Argentine Superleague de Fortball – Day 13 Rosario Center defeats Estudián 8 days later

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Rosario Central brought its Copper break to the Superliga and won 8 days after Arroyito Gigante's Estudiantes de La Plata won 2 to 1.

On the 13th minute of the first half, Gonzalo Betti stole the ball from Pinches, and found Fernando Zampedry: "Bull" scored his first goal and scored another goal.

Five minutes before the end of the first half, Ivan Gomez attacked Washington Cammany and left the La Plata team with ten others, as it was yellow.

In the second half, Edgarda's Paton team had some chance to expand their preference, but he could not do it: The center of Chile's Alfons Parot waited 34 minutes until the center of Uruguay found the head of Kamacho so it was between 2 and 0.

After six minutes, defender Elyas Gomes let Lucas Alberto win the game and stop the game.

With this result, "Canal" won: the last victory was on the third day, winning 2-0 against San Martin de Tucumán in the Arroyoído.

This way, he can get an impetus to the final of the Argentinean Cup final to the Super League, which may choose a distorted look.

The fabulous goal of Zampedia is to go to the Bettina Center, where he went to celebrate the holiday, fought and won, and thought that he had some thoughts at night.

In fact, they had a "small hand" when he received the unauthorized Paro Foal, the judge Echararria, who had avoided a clear fine in Alberten, who was preparing to detect him in the area.

Chino Benite's team did not come to Ivan Gomez after a small run. The midfielder saw two snakes in a short time and left Lewa in a quantitative deficit.

Despite its numerical superiority, the Center was unable to make many options for its expansion, and only 30 minutes later convinced Cameron's goal after the actual Chilean Parrot center.

Unlike the idea, the "Pinch" overpowered it when it was not five minutes and appointed an additional taste when it was closed: Apaolaza passed the opponent and Albertengo first hit it.

Estudiantes did not achieve equality, as he pointed to the ending of the right pitch in the Super League.

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