Saturday , June 3 2023

Samsung Electronics apologizes for the cancer patients


"We sincerely apologize to the employees and their families who suffered from these diseases," said Kim Kalan, the co-chairman of the largest South Korean think-tank in the world. "We do not control the health risks of our semi-conductor and LCD-factories," he said.

Samsung Electronics is the first global manufacturer of smartphones and semiconductors. It's called industrial conglomerates in South Korea, the largest group of Samsung's dominant companies, Chebol.

Employee rights activists say that after working with Samsung's memory cards, 240 people were suffering from occupational diseases and over 80 were killed. Under the agreement announced earlier this month, Samsung Electronics will pay a group of employees up to 150 million won (116,000 euros). They include 16 types of cancer, rare diseases, abortions and congenital diseases that affected their children. The man must have been working at factories that started in 1984 for at least one year.

employees Corea.jpg
Workers at the Foxconn plant in Shenzhen Photo: Steve Jurvetson-Wikipedia

In 2007, former employees in Suwon southern Suwon were disputed. For the next ten years, the Agency for Judicial Decisions, the Public Employment Service Agency and the Commission for Mediation have noted that this has led to the announcement of this Friday.

A spokesman for the family of 22-year-old Hwang Sang Ji, who died of leukemia in 2007, said Samsung was glad to admit Samsung's mistake. "It's not enough for pardon families, but we accept them," he said. "There is not enough justification to compensate for all humiliation, occupational pain, and loss of family members." "I can not forget the pain I suffered. Many people have fallen into that destiny. "

Currently, the conglomerate is responsible for the fifth national GDP and has contributed a lot to South Korea's economic growth that has elevated the world's 11th largest economy. But Samsung also had a great impact on the scandals and other fraudulent practices.

The owner of the empire, Lee Ji-Yong, spent a year in prison last year to buy President Park Gong khan as part of the corruption tension.

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