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Samsung shuts down the case of cancer patients after apologizing



More than ten years later, the technological giant offered his own justification and signed a compensation agreement.

240 people were suffering from occupational diseases after working with the memory cards and Samsung screens.Bloomberg.

Samsung Electronics a decade ago in their semiconductor factories stopped their debate with employees who suffered from cancer and dismissed their refusal on Friday, when they signed a compensation agreement.

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The father of the deceased young woman and co-chairman of the company, Kim Kä-NamIn Seoul, former officials of disabled people have signed an official compensation agreement.

"We sincerely apologize to the employees and their families who suffered from these diseases," Kim Kung said. "We do not endanger the semi-conductor and LCD-factories," he said.

Samsung Electronics is the first global manufacturer of smartphones and semiconductors. This is the flagship of the Samsung group, the largest "chaebol", as it is the industrial conglomerate South Korea which dominates the economy of the country.

This group has large semi-conductor plants in South Korea's Suvon, Hweszong and Pyeongue, as well as Chinese Sian.

According to workers' rights defenders, 240 people After working in the memory of Samsung, they occupied professional occupations, died of 80 and often showed card-based factories.

According to the contract announced earlier this month, Samsung Electronics will pay the minimum wage 133 thousand US dollars in case.

Business secret

The agreement will affect oncological oncology diseases, rare diseases, abortions and congenital diseases, workers' children. The employee must have worked at these plants for at least one year 1984.

Ex-factory workers Suwon, The dispute in southern Seoul was released in 2007.
Over the next decade, a number of decisions have been made on the decisions made by the courts, the Public Employment Service and the Commission for Mediation at this Friday.

Family representative, Hwang Sang-gi, His 22 year-old daughter was glad to fulfill his promise to acknowledge the young woman's mistake when she died of leukemia in 2007.

"It's not enough for pardon families, but we accept them," he said. "There is not enough justification to compensate for all humiliation, occupational pain, and loss of family members."

There is little information available on the link between the production processes of South Korean giants and workers' diseases. Samsung has refused to provide the name of the chemical used in commercial secrets.

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Families have asked the court to order a group to publish this information. "It is important to cover occupational diseases, but most importantly – prevention," said Hwan.

Currently, the conglomerate is in fifth place National GDP and made a significant contribution to economic growth, which led South Korea to the 11th place in the global economy.

However, Samsung's image was involved in other disputes and frauds. Lee Jee-yong, a former heir of the empire, spent about a year in prison for bribery in the case of corruption in the former president Park Geun-hye.

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