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Santander is returning to Rio for economic activity – 04/12/2018

Santrer Rio's head Enrique Christophei's government's competitive and floating exchange rate, fiscal balance and orthodox monetary policy It will allow to recover economic growth in 2019. "Some sectors are more competitive than others, but growth is the confidence that will arise in the coming monthsAccording to the banker, the traditional annual press conference is organized.

Christophan acted as a financial system during the crisis in April "Container" is not a "distributor" of volatility, as banks have shown two properties that have been highly valued during turbulence: solvency and liquidity. It was possible, "said the banker," because for the first time in a long time Argentina had suffered a crisis, contract or game rules. «

In this regard, he also noted that the low level of offenses (2.3% of total loans) and the payment chain were "flawed".

However, in the financial system, he said that it was still "very small" and that it needed to maintain a policy of positive interest rates for growth to grow. If the deposits grow, loans can not grow, he said.

He also focused on the macroeconomic context. "We see a society and a political class recognized the need to maintain and maintain the budget balance. Society agrees with this concept, so I will not abandon businessmen and politicians from this need. "

Ultimately, a very political concept: "We've been declining for decades, and we need time and energy to get out of this cycle. I admit that today I think for the first time I have a good chance of winning the fight against populism ".

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