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Santiago Roncebian: UFC difficulties and uncertainty in Brazil


Everyone is ready for a big show. Fighting Championship (UFC)the largest mixed martial arts team in the world, will move to Argentina's Buenos Aires Rock Park for the first time. This Saturday, Santiago Ponsimbibio meet with Americans Neil Magny, who Today's society feels the absolute state of the visitor.

Regardless the top 10 in their category (Welter), La Plata's birth was not easy. In dialogue Infobae reassured him of his story In 2019, it will bring the world's title to the country. Finally, he talked about the possibility of staying in front of the company's largest media fighter: Conor McGregor.

"I played rugby. As a teenager, I liked communication I only went to the gym to take part in sports exercises. They put me in a crazy bag and I'm going,– says Santiago Ponzibibio about his first encounter with martial arts 15 years old.

A boxer friend taught her technique and, in addition, bodybuilders, combined their eating plans. A 32-year-old wrestler says: "It was a very new, "I've won many battles, and everybody is so excited about meI said, "I am going to a place of knowledge." There were teams in Buenos Aires, but we went to Brazil.

When Santiago was 20, he decided to leave the country where seven people lived. "I did not leave anything, I had two t-shirts and two pants. One friend paid me a bus ticket, and we went to the tent camp. From there, it was necessary to go to the beach and look for someone to teach Jiu-Jitsu t-shirts. That utopian thing has begun.

"In the beginning I was forced to pay all the floor rights, two or three, and they took my hair. They thought they had money and they did not give me a ball. One day I met a calm guy who started teaching me, and then I sought a job and tried to get the money, "says a Milanese massage salesman from various Argentine regions. beach

Seven Years In Brazil: "It was difficult, they did not want to beat me and teach me, because Argentina. But they saw that I was in a lot of trouble and that they had interrupted me until they finished studying. " Ponzibibio It was 18-1 (A "scandalous, stolen" defeat) and since then the victim seemed to have paid for the offer of access to the truth. The last warrior of Rio de Janeiro.

But no New barrier was offered: "I bought a ticket When I arrived, I was told that I could not participate because of being Argentinean. The idea of ​​this tournament was to identify the talents of this country, and the manufacturer questioned me. They could not collect people from other countries. "

According to style, Santiago knew his story and lived in Brazil some years ago. "At last they called me and told me that I could enter. My weight was lost when I received this call. Then I was all dependent on it. "

It was observed in the platinum, Among the 550 nominees there were 16 classrooms. However, when the truth reached, society's criticism increased. "I was amazed at the program, and many disagreements arose because they said, "No, Argentina can not participate. It is one of our people. "

Argentina defeated the Brazilians before the semi-finals. Then a new blow struck him: "When fighting starts, in two minutes I will break my handEvery time I went to the right, my bracelet was rubber.

Finally, he ended the war and won the judges' decision The radio was divided into 10 parts. Welcome to the Santiago final, but at the worst moment the news changed his life: "UFC gave me a contract, a bonus for the fight and the best knockout".

In 2013, Santiago Ponsignibio signed into the world's largest mixed martial arts team.

– How did you feel when you first entered the UFC eight corners? And what do you think now?

– One of them has accumulated a lot of experience and then controls their emotions more. Enjoy it for some time, as it is a sport that adds adrenaline and adrenaline. During the first battles, many adrenaline senses and their experience has been traced to controlling their emotions and progressing. Many years have passed, this experience will always help.

– What does Roninbio think after a few seconds of the first round?

– I propose to all of my friends the same. When fighting, give more than 100% every time, as it happens very fast. It's only 15/25 minutes. I love it, and I'm very glad to do it.

– How much did you feel at UFC Buenos Aires?

– Several times UFC talked to my employer before I arrived in South America. My results have helped me to think about expanding the South American market. It makes me happy, because I do not fight them, but they are the consequences of feeding you and moving you.

This subbotnik will be measured by the full support of American Neil Magny (8) at the Welter World Championship # 10. "I know that there is something that can beat him and after that victory and positioning myself for the title, In 2019, I will bring this belt to Argentina. I am sure that I have all the tools to become a world champion, "he assures Infobae.

Finally, talking about the memorable event between Argentine warrior Conor McGregor and Habib Nurmagomedov, he said that everything is part of the emotion: "It's not justified, and maybe if they go beyond the limits, people have to realize that they do not have anything to do with weapons. We are people who teach emotions, people, and people.

In the last battle against Russian, the Irish fell into a phenomenon today, and the platinum would be ready to lower its weight if it allowed it to fight. "I would like to change the category for this feature. There is about 165 pounds, and I like it very much, I love it. If the offer is good, then, of course, it can be done. «

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