Sunday , August 7 2022

Saudi Arabia will not cut oil production spontaneously – Minister Energy


Saudi Arabia's energy minister said his country would not cut oil production spontaneously, and that it was too early to say whether Nigeria could take part in any pumping reduction solution.

Khalid al-Falah met with Nigeria's Oil Minister Emanuel Ibe Qachikwu.

Official spokesman for Saudi Arabia, partner in Iraq, Nigeria and Libya, said that the allegations of their partners in OPEC were positive before the meeting because they wanted to stabilize the oil market in Vienna on December 6.

Kachchiku said that it is too early to say that Nigeria can take part in any initiative.

The actual federal leader of the OPEC, Falehi, said in early November that the bulk of oil supplies would allow the group and its allies to take measures to reduce production by 2019.

Nigeria has been exempted from the previous round of reduction of pumps, which began in 2017 as a result of internal conflicts that reduce oil circulation. Since then, raw material production has been restored in the country.

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