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She was 23 years old and dreamed of becoming a world champion, but she ended her tragic life

31 December 2018

Yazmin Marzo became a physical education teacher and named "El Huracán". He died of dosage.

The Scriptures March I was 23 years old, and I was one-third of the five brothers. Initially Villa María, Córdoba, has always been interested in martial arts, kung-fut and kickboxing. He dedicated himself to boxing, hoping to become a world champion.

Hurricane, they are nicknamed, It took about 150 kilometers a day He went to Cordoba Capital, where he studied. However, his sacrifice did not touch his addiction, and in 2016 he was healed and he was cured.

Life The word He looked again on the road. In April of this year Alta took part in the women's championships in Greece and became champions and hung up to 69 kg at the regional level unoccupied with Cordoba Alexei Hienen unanimously. However, its improvement was only the weather, which later became a cause for suffocation.

Despite the great success of the rings, under the rings, it was repeated repeatedly. «When we asked him for help, we took Yasmin and made special changes, started boxing, training and training. Thank you for living. But people look like they are being treated, and they are never clear"Said Dr. Houlio Tabares.

During the first hours of Saturday, her mother, Claudia heard a noise in her home. When he approached the bed The word He found out that his daughter had merited and immediately moved to the regional hospital Pasteur. However, a 23-year-old girl died in a car she was in the hospital and was imprisoned in the heart.

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