Sunday , August 14 2022

Shilling: A rare species of astronomers approaching the Earth


According to the NASA latest warning, a 213-meter asteroids fell to the Earth in the following century and the explosion occurred.

This is the space rock of 2018 LF16, which travels at 15.13 kilometers per second and is equivalent to Big Ben in London, and was first seen on the Laboratory Lab System on June 16, 2017. NASA Reaction Response (JPL) for Possible Hazards of Asperoid Exposure.

According to Sentry's calculations, the nearest potential impact can be on August 8, 2023. Other dates will be August 3, 2025 and August 1, 2025. Also, the 2018 LF16 trajectory predicted 62, 2117 could hit the Earth in the mountains.

What is remarkable is that if the asteroid of this dimension impresses us, it has a force of 50 megaton, then the most powerful nuclear weapon, equivalent to the explosion of the Soviet hydrogen bomb named Orb Bombba,

However, it should be noted that 2018 LF16 can not actually collide with our planet. In fact, the actual percentage of probability is estimated at 0.0000033%, ie from 30,000,000, according to NASA experts in the media.

(Source: Actualidad.RT)

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