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Strengthening the Range of Dominance: A South African talent who competes with San Lorenzo and Independent – 04.12.2018

The voice on the other side of the telephone was very familiar and calmed down Federico Mancello's ear and ego in Belo Horizonte. An old acquaintance seduced him. He talked about playing Copa Libertadores, feeling important and important to the team. The most important thing is that he needs it. Jorge Almiron, an explosive in Angeles, called for her 29-year-old supporters to show interest in joining San Lorenzo, who promised to fight in 2019. But he is not the only Argentinean club, but he wants to repatriate him in the Red Crescent.

Almiron analyzes the cyclone soccer crisis. The coach, who has played his first three games in the body of Boca (two draws and one defeat), is in the diagram on the team that has been targeted with his team-mates. Mancello is a great title.

He is the leader in the 2015 Avellaneda team. Manu went to his peak as his left foot midfielder. He has played 31 times in the Almeida era and has played 13 goals in Independence. He was referenced by Herard Martin's team that year: he had collected two friends and hit the United States against Salvador.

Your Brazilian sports competitions are awesome. Cruzreiro scored 38 matches this year and scored only 3 goals. And it has recently lost land. Previously he played 66 games in Flamengo and scored 10 goals. A Reconquista player has a good contract (he has two more years in Krusiró, he bought 60 percent of his cross – 30 – Flamengo and 10 of them), conveniently in a neighboring country and being a father of Lisa (he was born last Friday). However, Clarín may know that Argentine football can not be closed when the door is closed. And again Almiron misleads him.

Yes, our desire for desires and desires should see the economic situation, but San Lorenzo wants to work in this market. He is the head coach of Mathias Lammis. In any case, the Independent slaughters his shot. He is a fantastic fan of the Devil and in Argentina, they have Avellaneda's priorities, they are real and genuine.

The Red Team is still waiting to see whether it will be in Libertadores 2019 (whether or not Boka's Madrid will reach the finals). If they are not in the Cup, they will fall behind the Super League in the first semester, and only one South American and one Argentine Cup.

Now, San Lorenzo has featured in the first chapter of the series, which promises unexpected entertainments in this book. w

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