Wednesday , June 7 2023

Strong hurricane attacked Luca V.Mansilla and San José de Salle Salinas


It was rainy, but especially the wind, which affected the region of Salinas Grandstand, north of Cordoba. San José de las Salinas and Luciano Vansilla. Villa Tulumba was also anxious.

Trees and falling columns, except for roof tops. At present, no injuries have been reported.

Salinas has fallen 35 millimeters in a short time, which is a very unusual number for the dry zone.

"There was plenty of water falling. Fortunately, the wounded did not need to repent, "said Claudio Vighetta, Regional Security Officer for Kadaja 3.

LUCIO V. MANSILLA. Punishment by storm (Radio Jesús María).

Vigetta notes that the storm was recorded before sunset and damaged.

On Thursday, National Meteorological Service (SMN) has warned the provincial north of possible strong storms, which has plenty of rainfall, occasional booths, and warned of significant electrical activity and considerable forces.


Given this, social development and government ministries will be in constant contact with municipalities through the Office of Climate Risk Management and Disaster and Municipal Affairs Secretariats. After the initial assessment of the affected areas, the damage is determined.

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