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Suicide film director receives many financial loans and psychiatric treatment – 11/05/2018


Omer Pacheco, the theater director, suspected of killing former students for sexual assault on Sunday, "I had a lot of financial debt and I was treated psychiatrically". According to police sources in the city, they published their loved ones in the Justice Authorities. According to the author, the death "mechanical asphyxia by neck compression (hanging) ".

"He left a letter of leave for his two children and, according to his close friend, I'm in great pain. In one recent post he sent: This world is the eagle"The sources of the investigation were added.

Carolyn, a student from the 1990s, told the theater's director, "She's not surprised by what she's saying." "I studied with him at the age of 19 and 21, and then he was very manipulative," she says. He does not speak of cruelty, and even when he begins to say, "It does not matter," he acknowledges that he has made another statement.

"He called his work" physical training technique, "which he spoke of" floor work ". I spent two three hours two lessons. They have slaughtered slogans: You've found yourself in the dark, and we've been all naked a few times"Carolyn recalls.

She says she is not present at all. But one day he got into the office and got worse. «In the middle of their slogan, he must be among his classmates, he loved me. I was naked"There are numbers. "I stopped the car. But he is very authoritarian and he is very offended. I tried to convince her, and eventually I sent her I continued reading with him. Now I see it much worse. If this is my daughter today, she will act differently"States.

Pacheco was 67 years old. From Saturday, family and friends did not know where he was. He was found dead on Sunday at 15.30 pm at the La Otra Orilla theater in the city of Urquiza, 100th in Balbara. After the opening, his body was given to his ex-wife.

Last Friday, a letter from the women from the Laetra Inestable, La Otra Orilladan, made and headed by Paceco, Students and former students "all forms of gender-based violence".

"Among them, systematic abuse and manipulation Who was our teacher and director? Omar made the "Stable Theater" methodology on the basis of truth, fairness, friendship, trust, respect, freedom, and humanity. He regularly speaks with his values ​​twice and speaks hypocritically. During those years, he abused his authority, and, besides, he had sex with students– speaks the text.

They then say: "Reading workshops are what we call" sex work, "which is the release of all the errors and obstacles that have been caused by childhood in order to achieve a predetermined situation in the fullest darkness, in the condition of sound and alcohol stimulation. Today, we see that he used this vulnerability several times came and came on the floor without warning, and made us a corporate manipulation"It was a viral video displayed at the Puccéco theater.

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