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Thalia: Her sister, Laura Zapata is amazed by harsh warnings about the father of the singer


Former heroes of Mary Merseys are tense. In a recent interview, Zapata made a strong statement

Recently, Zapata had a bad time at the Mexican television channel. Video: IG cooler

Mexican actress Laura Zapata and her sister are known for their mother's singer Talya Soody's distance, but despite the fact that the main character of many series is amazed by harsh remarks about her half-sister's father.

Zapata statements were created in the programTodayHe said that Talee's father would "bring him down to hell" and would say "her fat phobias", and she would have to live with her mother and aunt in this relationship.

Laura Zapata, Ernesto Sodis, said: "I would put this person to hell. She never allowed me to stay with my mom, and I said to her, "I do not want a three-year-old girl, what can she do for you?"

"He has never loved me since childhood. He was a very thick phobia, a phone cord and a person who did not want to make a noise, "he recalls.

She says she had to live with her grandmother, Eve Mange, when she did not understand, but she was grateful today. "Now I realize that my mother is not here and that I have been given a gift of life because I have raised my grandmother and is completely different".

Laura and Talya in the past decades. Photo: I am Carmine

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