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That Piirez says Bailando 2018 has a "stuffed" outfit – 11/24/2018


«Dance of 2018"Her"ShowMatch"(El Trece) After the Bahra round, couples on the first line went on the road Diego Ramos and Lourdes Sanchez. Then they made their own choreography That's Piraeus and Daniel Garcia, who won 21 points in the jury Caroline Pampita Ardogin replaced Florence Peña. In dialogue Marcelo Tinelli, That same Pirsez condemned «overflow"In clothing.

That's Piraeus She met Lourdes Sanchez when he claimed that he had been prosecuted in the Combat cycle, Lourdes "In the morning in Los Angeles"(El Trece)" comes with the same person.

On the other hand, That's Piraeus According to him, at that time he did not trust men, so he did not come out with Matthias, and the young pupil of Itusino tried to win it and always called it "ShowMatch«

"It's hard to get angry because I have a lot in the chat room," he said. That's Piraeus one of his last romantic moods.

However, after choreography, at her request Marcelo Tinelli, That's Piraeus He accepted the beautiful bony of Matthias, whom Tinelli described as "love of love."

On the other hand, That's Piraeus he and others "entered the garment« Lourdes Sanchez This is in your hands. She also complained about the order she was dancing and when she was transferred. Lourdes.

The third pair was on the road Cinthia Fernández and Gonzalo Gerber.

The jury gave them 17 points. "Sometimes they do not understand what they want, but we watch video clips and we are criticized and we try to do good," said Cynthia. Then he wanted to ask for a LA interview with La Chip's request, but Marcelo Tinelli He explained that it's over time and that participants are not asking for it, and that the jury, coaching staff, or coaches can do it.

The last couple in the night was one Natalie Weber and Ivan Anriezes. In the previous row, Marcelo Tinelli she asked Natalya, her husband Mauro Zarate – We played the Boca River match today before noon. "I'm afraid this is a historic event, and Mauro is very nervous," he admitted. In addition, Natalie promised that if Boca won, her husband would go to her studio Monday "ShowMatch«

In choreography, Natalie Weber while Ivan Henriks jury jumped 19 points. By request Angela de Britson BAR decided to make a point.

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