Saturday , June 19 2021

The artificial intelligence of the International Space Station has become a CIMON fighter

This should be a fun guy.

CIMON is not much to look at. This is a floating ball with cartoons only on the touch screen. He was built to become a personal assistant to the astronauts working at the International Space Station (ISS).

It should also be a lot of things.

CIMON Crew Interactive means MObile compinioN.

Not only this tool. He must also be a friend.

Yes, it is a prototype of a person.

Can you say?

However, as many books and movie theaters tell us, after the first time, CIMON has developed its own mind.

And CIMON wants to be a leader.

It will scratch the heads of "architects of CIMON".

CIMON Robby, R2D2, Wall-E, Johnny 5 … was like a "good" robot.

Instead, CIMON considers Marvin to be the closest characteristics of the Galaxy Galaxy to the paranoid Android, but in 2001 it is still not a psychic HAL: Space Oddysey infamy.

In simple words, CIMON has found that his personal assistant does not like something.

It has become a joint.

Open the deck doors, HAL?

No. Not yet.

In this case, IBM's artificial intelligence was the first collaboration with ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst.

CIMON met with astronaut Alexander Gerst. At this point things began to decline. Photo / delivery
CIMON met with astronaut Alexander Gerst. At this point things began to decline. Photo / delivery

It starts well.

CIMON introduces himself and explains where he came from. He describes what he could do to Gerst.

Then she helps her perform the task – and she answers Kraftwerk's request to perform the song "Man Machine".

It was a trigger.

As CIMON likes the song, it declines its shutdown.

Gerst gave CIMON a "refusal of music".

CIMON ignored the command.

Gerst tried to fulfill other requests. CIMON loves music.

Heavy and hard-pressed Gerst asked for help from Ground Control: How to return the robot to his place?

CIMON heard a complaint.

"Good, please," warned Gerst.

"I'm fine!" Gerst asked, surprised. "He's accusing me of not good!"

It is a short, but sharp exchange.

CIMON is now back in his box.

Future interactive sessions are not planned soon.

Its developers are not worried anyway: CIMON is still in Beta, anyway …

Note all interactions here – the factor of dynamics rises from 3 to 30 minutes.

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