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The bomber bomber tried to burn his house to arrest the bombers


Bonadio knew that the bombs had been left behind because of the crest that had fallen from the device.

The bomb was handed over to Judge Claudio Bona
He set fire to his home to investigate police raids and assault rioters.
the retirement pension reform of the 18 December last year before the Congress, in accordance with the agreed arguments
Nation and the hypothesis of investigators on the case.

In fact, the anarchist group, charged with the attack, is linked to two other convicts who have been convicted and sentenced to imprisonment.
Roman Leonkovic, who killed an anarchist Simon Radovitsky in 1909 Former Falkone's bombardment against former cleric Ramallan La Falco's tomb.

Experts found that the explosive device of the Bonadio house was used for ventilation, which was packaged in a flexible copper pipe, which was filled with epoxy coatings, epoxy epoxy, and was used in air conditioning installations. Additionally, this pipeline is surrounded by two adjacent gas springs, which must be a burning component of the bombs.

Why was the explosion unsuccessful?

The artifact detonator penetrates through the perforation and has a fire extinguisher. The video surveillance of the house of Bonadio showed that the attacker had broken, but the device did not blow because the fire extinguisher did not burn the machine. Judge Bonodio Dr. Romulo S. He saw the house of NON at the Oazabal Avenue, in Belgrandro.

Bonadio explained to justice that he noticed that there was nothing outside the sidewalk, near the fence near the dark car, as soon as it heard the explosion, the sound of a weapon. In fact, it was an explosive. Then he left his house and said that he had a fire in the air, but he did not notice anything.

Experts, who spoke to Federal Judge Julian Eugulini, argue that the bomb exploded in the Master's home, possibly because the outer structure could be made of wood and easily burnt. Everyone burned the fire until the firearm arrived there.

The police stopped here after an unsuccessful attack
Marcos Nicholas Viola, 26, and a resident of Willy Bosch. He was a 12-year police officer and police detained private security agents in Washington and Oazobal.

Viola was incorporated into an anarchist group based in the Constitutional District, located in Pavilion, in 2345, where federal police officers are producing drilling fluids, pipes and these artifacts to drill tubes, grinding wheels and other elements. 13 people were detained, 11 of whom were detained and two were released. Residents of this anarchist group.

Shared Points with Other Attacks

Experts' first expertise was the bombing of the Bonadio house and bombing of Ramon L. Discovered that there were common elements among the artifacts flying to part of the monument to Falcon. These five-pipe pumps, on the one hand, are covered with epoxy, coupled with a clamp, filled with machine guns and sipholes, from 34 to 25 centimeters. In this case, the detonator was away. That is, there is no need to add a bomb to a person in the house. The detonator has a timer used in the dining room, for example, a networking system that can be attacked and shifted into the wind. At the end of the cable, the circuit breaks down and emits sparks that cause explosions.

Anahi Esperanza Saledo, 34, was taken to the resuscitation site, burned on his face, and dropped three phalants. His state would testify before the court. The lady had captured the camera in her hands, trying to take her for themselves. The next was the 38-year-old Ugo Alberto Rodriguez. He abandoned the cemetery security cameras with wheelchairs, clothes, hairstyles and sunglasses.

This anarchist warrior's interest creates a dissatisfaction of the opposing system that hinders the fact that no raid on mobile phones or computers is detected, and that they have no knowledge of their relationships or connections.

Instead of being a corruption record, Judge Bonadio is the cause of the attack, his trafficking in drugs and the violence against the Congress last year. In fact, in 2900 on Pavon Street, where most of the detainees fell, Bonadio attacked drugs. In addition, Viola was taken to the detention facility in December last year when the police attacked the police.

In January, the police found a house bomber, threatening Judge Bonadio and Security Minister Patricia Bullrick, at the City of Tressefeuro, located in Triunvirato and El Payador. He did not blow because he was guilty of a timer. Metal blanks were found at several meters away from Bonadio, which we were sending to you and your family, and threatening to release Bullrich congressional prisoners. Another reference to detainees.

Investigators believe that the Bonadio group was released after the decision of the cassation chamber for the senators to order the defendants in pre-trial detention in the Congressional assault. Investigators have attacked the anarchist group of three more police, for example, in January last year, police detected a house bomb in the Willie Bush junction and a third police station door. Sacred places.

In the case of Villas Bosch, the cameras were wearing white clothes and wearing uniforms in a neighborhood near the house of Viola Bonadio.

Another fact that the police linked with this group was on January 5, when a stranger was abducted by two foreign-made bombs on a drug trafficker in the central police station. The bomb did not explode due to technical problems, but the Congress laid down the Labor Party, demanding the release of detainees. El Parrido detained Obrero in the episode, and the police detained a homeless man in the street. Nowadays this is all the connection with Bonavio and the police associations with the anarchist group.

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