Tuesday , August 16 2022

The Buenos Aires stock exchange is constantly working on a circle with a decrease in business volume


The Argentine stock market has slightly changed since the start of the trading round on Thursday, but has been downgraded because there are no external links to the holiday in the United States.

Marvel's Index of Argentine Stock Exchanges and Markets on Friday, 30,222.5 units per day.

After a sharp decline in prices, advanced boards dominated by shares in the energy and finance sectors rose by 1.85 percent to 30,262.92 points. Institutional investors were smart.

According to Eduardo Fernandez, an analyst at Rawa Burtsatil, "the technical rebound in the global market has led to the repayment of local funds and bonds, but the only bad thing is that the recovery was in the context of a reduced business, because transactions on shares amounted to $ 525 million. US dollars.

In turn, economist Gustavo Ber said: "He encourages us to seek the greatest demand for investors, so we recommend removing the" trades "that dominate the stage.

Leading Panel The global decline in global financial markets fell by 4.5% on Tuesday Tuesday.

• Stable income

In the segment of fixed income, the major sovereign bonds included in the pesos have increased considerably, and in some cases increased to about 2%.

Among the largest sellers, Bonar 2024 grew by 1.8%; Bonar 2020, 1.5%; Discount on Argentinean law – 1.2%; Under the New York law, emissions have risen to 1.5%.

"The local stagflation and uncertainty environment, despite the global fraudulent scenario, seems to suit the ability to keep track of short-term dollar-earning instruments guaranteed by hydrocarbon raw materials or good credit issuers," he said. Investment Banking Bridge.

Finally, the country risk measured by JP Morgan reduced to 11 units by 682 points.

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