Thursday , August 18 2022

The danger of puncturing your child's ear


One of the most common rituals during the birth of a girl is to place rings in a sanatorium. The baby has options that prove to be so soft, but they are not proven because this baby can not tell us. Now the pediatric academy has warned of the dangers of this practice.

Specialists say that the newborn baby's ear piercing can increase the risk of infection and injury. Pediatricians have explained five main reasons to wait before making the baby's ring:

There is a risk of suffocation
It may seem unlikely, but the rings get out, and the child's swallowing is widespread in our opinion, according to pediatricians.

Rings are small parts of metals that can be very dangerous for the baby, because they can look in the clothes, on the bed, and the smaller one can look for them.

The consequences can be very important, such as esophageal disorders and other complications.

2. Different infections
Pediatricians testify that the baby's ring is not given to the vaccine several days or several hours after birth.

Thythrosis is a serious bacterial infection caused mainly by serious injury, which causes pain in the muscles.

In general, the vaccine is not used for up to two months, with delay / pentavalent (diphtheria, pharynx, convulsive cough, Gep-B, hemophilia). However, it is necessary to vaccinate the mother with three-stage anti-inflammatory antibody, which includes antibodies to the tunica and to the child, so it is not entirely safe.

3. Allergies
Newborn babies can not know the potential allergies of the child, so they need to be prevented from treating them. If he has indicated an allergic reaction to rings, he can develop an infection in the ear cavity.

4. Lullo's explosion
When a ring is inserted into the ear of a newborn baby, it is important to consider the material and the size of the material to be made. Placing the rings may be very dangerous because they can easily cause the hook and the ear to fall.

The same thing may happen with small scores that can get into the clothes and damage the child's ear.

5. Cyeloads
Chloroids are after this damage, in which case perforation of the ear. It is an excessive body reaction.

As soon as the hole is formed, the body treats it as a trauma and tries to heal it – ie, the appearance of caoids – the appearance of tissue around the hole.

In most cases, surgery should be performed to eliminate them.

To avoid complications, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that the girl be at risk and risky to avoid it.

Additionally, it is recommended to use only golden rings to prevent infection and make these holes in the correct disinfectant.

It is not recommended to use drilling rigs as there is a risk of their sterilization and the likelihood of infection. Experts call this a disease that can be spread by hepatitis.

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