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The difference between Battle Royale for mobile phones


Today we will talk to you Differences between "Free Fire" and "Fortnite", two Battle Royale games that are popular on mobile devices. Fortnite Battle Royale does not need much talk because it's a world-renowned game that's known for its popularity, and the "Free Fireplace" is an interesting alternative to adapting and optimizing the devices. mobile phone

Let's talk about the different philosophies of the two titles when you come to bring up games on your mobile device. Then we will continue major differences in order to complete the speech related to the game, armaments, ordinary characters and their trace elements.

Mobile phones are more versatile than concentration


Both games are different it is a strategy for platforms available. Fortnite is looking for a cross game and accesses all the available devices so it can be played on Windows and Mac computers and new generation consoles, such as PS4 and Xbox One, or even the Nintendo Switch. In addition, it has reached Android and iOS mobile devices.

This strategy is growing fast because you allow your friends and neighbors to play independently of each device or console each. But it has a downturn and, as far as possible, it may require additional features on the mobile phone, and the type of game that looks good on the desktop may not always be comfortable on the phone.

Free fire

In addition, the Free Fire & is a game developed exclusively for mobile devices, for iOS and Android. This limits the ability of multiple players to experiment with other types of devices, but lets its developers create a game that meets the peculiarities of mobile players.

For example, games will be short and fast, playing at least half of each game simultaneously. And most importantly, the game weight is considerably less "Fortnite", which allows you to play it on devices with lesser characteristics or to achieve free space. Unlike this advantage, the graphics are a little bit more detailed, but it helps more accurately play on devices.

In any case, Forte's is different from other mobile opponents of the genre, except that Garen's games are different from some graphics. Keep in mind that after the mobile phone everything is played, so it is not as important as large screens.

Key differences in gameplay


Free fire

Players are playing

100 players

50 players

Average game duration

20 minutes

10 minutes

Game Modes

The only one, the duel, the team

The only one, the duel, the team

Special measures






The main difference between these two games is the duration and the participants of each game. "Free Fire" tries to reduce the time that makes it possible to make each game faster doubled the number of players With over 100 games, Forteople will go to Epic Games 100, with 50 players in the game.

While on average an average Fortnite game can last about 20 minutes, the average number of Free Fires is about 10 and 15 minutes. This means You need to wait a while for Garen's game When they kill you, you can start.

However, the first way to start and play is the same. Like most Battle Royale, in two games, you jump over the air at the beginning of the game You need to find out where the map falls. In addition, the playing area on the map depends on the time it takes to break down in both names.

However, there is a significant difference that completely replaces the postponed strategy, which is the construction regime. Epic Games games continue to distribute the rest to be able to create all types of structures you can protect yourself from the game, which means that your winnings will not only depend on the purpose of the rest of Battle Royales but will also be reflected at the start of the construction.

For the rest, the two games are a clean third-party attacker and their users periodically offer special events and do not get bored. Of course, the Fortnite action is always on the same map, which changes every season In Free Fire, you can divide this action into two different cards.

As to game modes, you can play games in pairs, pairs or groups. There are no big differences here, but each has different modes, such as Free Fire or Fortnite 20×20 Mortal Race. In any case, the main thing to note is that both of you can play with your friends.

Arms, titles, payments and characters

These two games have very similar weapon types, which are grouped between sniper rifles, rifles, pistols, and even large machine guns. However, there are some differences to consider. For example, the Fortnite & # 39; There is a color system that determines the harmfulness and efficiency of the weapon, but they are not expanded with additional features.

On the other hand, in Free Fire, you can use some of your many accessories in your weapons, which will allow them to perform a lot of damage or loaders have a great potential. Also, in Epic Games, you can go to the backpack with 5 weapons, and in Garen regardless of the three weapons You carry your backpack.

Both games have a ranking system and career mode, each player's achievement remains. The series of "Fortune" and its progression is quite common and depends on the platform's attack and other details, and its competitor is dependent on such factors as the price of each game in the season.

There are several different philosophies in the game for different characters. EN & # 39; Free Fire & each character has their own abilities, load them with various items, and personalize them with some clothes or equipment. So choosing a character can be one of the strategies that you can consider before starting each game.

On the other hand, the choice of characters in Fortune does not have a great impact on games as the skills are always the same, and the equipment you buy and change is purely cosmetic. Let's face it, the choice of a character in this game does not give you any advantages and disadvantages and does not affect the strategy.

In the end, we will talk about microfilms, where the two games are very similar to the strategy. Both games are absolutely free, but you can split real money to customize your characters with different configuration items. In both cases, there are internal currencies that can work in a variety of ways, but if you have too little patience, you start with real payments.

The advantage of this is that the payments are only for the aesthetical part, so the game conditions will not change depending on how much your pocket is and how important your reflexes and strategies really are.

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