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The discovery of Daniel Corre's body: the cause of his death and some doubts


Brazilian midfielder Daniel Garden Freetashis sporting rights belonged to Sao Paulo and were killed in October last year, died in his stomach, Awards from the Institute for Forensic Examination.

A footballer from Brazil's second division, San Bento, dead and stolen sex organs After attending his birthday on the forest floor outside the town of Curitiba.

But experts they did not know whether they were still alive or dead.

"Partial slaughter is the cause of death, but it will not be possible to determine what kind of injury has occurred and, in the event of a violation of the signs,"said Paulland Paste (IML), Director of the Regional Institute of Legal Medicine at the press conference.

Authorities failed to prove the thesis It's just proven Garden Christian Brightest was astonished by the bed as he slept and when he shared some friends with WhatsApp.

A footballer goes to the British residence and goes to the daughter of his wife, Allan, to celebrate her 18th birthday.

There it was after being found in a room with a woman as well as with several of his friends, who had been forced to enter the motorway to drive Eddie Brost to another location.

Businessman sees pictures on his mobile phone than the witnesses interviewed by authorities Garden, He pulled out of the car and took his neck.

"Back, chest and hip injuries Daniel they say that they could have loaded the player with two "says Pasteur. However, Edison Bruce noted that he had committed suicide alone.

During the research, There were 21 people, including friends, witnesses, and relatives The Brazilian soccer world has been amazed by the authorities in explaining this crime.

Upon completion of the police report, The prosecutor analyzes the seven suspects' complaints and if they are accepted, they will go to court.

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