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The dollar sold Posadas for 37 pesos


The dollar sold Posadas for 37 pesos

This is the average value of the currency value in the missionary capital exchange houses. Yesterday, in Buenos Aires, the US dollar raised from 18 cents to 37.43 US dollars.

The dollar rose 18 cents on Thursday to $ 37.43, and raised the third rise of banks and agencies in Buenos Aires. On average, Ambito Financiero is a Day of Thanksgiving for the United States Day of Sentiments.

According to the Uniform and Free Exchange Market (MULC), the currency has risen from $ 25 to $ 36.50, but it should be borne in mind that the major part of formal transactions should be disposed of on a Friday, when there is a foreign presence.

In the daytime, the Bank's Association announced that it would stop only "public organizations" this Friday and "will not update its October payroll as agreed in the parachute," which prompted banks and investors to close Lebak's supplemental pesos.

The magnitude of the force is executed in accordance with the guild in the United Nations, in the regional and municipal banks, and others.

Minimums were fixed at $ 36.40 when they first negotiated, fourteen cents and a half times higher. In the case of tranquility and low business volume, the price rose to $ 36.50. In the United States, the absence of major financial centers for the holidays limited the possibility of normal business, which was less than trade ($ 272 million).

On Wednesday, the pesos released from the Lebakian investment – about $ 80 million investors have been forced to choose a menu of currency assets up to 50 percent of TNA 91-day Lecap and Lecer (with less interest from financial market operators) and others come from the secondary markets of different peso bonds " , says ABC Mercado de Cambios' Fernando Izzo. He added, "The rest is spent in dollars."

In addition, in the cave of Buenos Aires in the informal market, according to research of this environment, blue 20 cents reached $ 36.50. Yesterday, 22 cents rose to $ 36.23 a barrel.

In the money market, the "call money" among banks was on average about 60%. In the swap swaps, $ 38 million. The dollar agreed to buy and / or pledge funds through the purchase and sale of dollars on Monday the next.

Futures for ROFEX futures market amounts to $ 617 million USD was agreed, of which 60% were agreed in November and December, with a final price of $ 37,0800 and $ 38,5600; and TPA rates of 72.50% and 52.82%. The Futures ended with an average increase of more than ten cents.
Finally, the Central Bank's reserve is expected to be worth $ 4 million on Thursday. US $ 51,831 million.

Source: Ámbito Financiero

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