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The dollar was sold at Posadas for 36,50 pesos


The dollar was sold at Posadas for 36,50 pesos

This is the average value of the currency value in the missionary capital exchange houses. Yesterday, in Buenos Aires, until the end of Lebak's latest tender, accreditation failed to rise to $ 37.25 in banks and agencies.

In addition to private upgrades, the retail ticket was $ 37 (two weeks earlier, at least $ 36.38 below) drilled at the end of the last month.

Currency in the Single Currency and Currency Markets (MULC) currencies rose to $ 36.255, up 7.45 cents, which holds a very high level above $ 36. The volume increased by 20% to $ 569 million

The stock market fluctuated 24 hours a day, dropping $ 36.30 at the beginning of the wheel, and at $ 36.23 a good deal of grain exporters. According to operators, they sold about $ 50 million.

"It was a day of waiting for the pesos of investors who did not renew Lebanon. This Thursday, the BCRA will be able to use the BCRA's liquidity at a rate of 50%, allowing them to shape themselves in dollars, placing themselves in dollars and / or placing other assets on the pill. – explained Fernando Izzo, ABC Mercado de Cambios.

What happened to LeBack's final tenants (which ends in December and is no longer offered), was awarded on November 27 at the rate of $ 39,754 million in Lebak, with an annual nominal rate of 50% per annum, and was released to the market at $ 120,000 million.

The majority of this liquidity is 91% of Treasury debt, which was awarded on Wednesday in Pesos, Corresponding Ces (LECER) and Capitalizable Letters in Pesos (LECAPs).

Because of the US holiday (Thanksgiving Day), Thursday said that another part of overweight may go to the dollar, given that it is "a difficult day in the stock market." When evaluating key trends of the current trend, this service is expected to decline and not be considered.

In addition, within one day, the central bank used the leverage of the packet exchange to confirm the new low level of Lelike for up to 7 days, and thus 62% (average monthly yield 61.954% 62.118%) drilled annually. The maximum rate was 62,397% and the remuneration was 74,320 mln. US $ 97.934 million in respect of compensation.

With the recent two dollar rises, the price is currently unseen in the first week of November, with the non-interference zone (now $ 35,717).

The market is expecting declining rates of high peso rates and growth of electoral uncertainty, portfolio portfolio dollarization will be great.

It should be noted that on Wednesday, the weak volatility of the currency has helped a number of international-scale scenarios after the great risk exposed from Monday to Tuesday.

• Other money market

In the money market "cash money" among banks made an average of 60%. Futures market for ROFEX amounted to $ 837 million US dollars were sold, 60% of which were agreed in November and December, respectively, at 37 and 38.44 US dollars respectively; and 83,34% and 54,99% FTA rates. The futures ended up costing two cents per seat.

In addition, in the cave of Buenos Aires in the informal market, four cents rose to $ 36.30 depending on the environment. Yesterday, 22 cents rose to $ 36.23 a barrel.

Finally, the reserves of the Central Bank amounted to $ 223 million on Tuesday, amounting to $ 51.832 million.

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