Thursday , August 11 2022

The dollar will fall to 39 cents for 13 cents and will be the second in sales


C Single and Free Market (MULC)then the currency cost will lose 15 cents $ 38.40.

On the informal market, on its part, blue opera is stable $ 38.50, In the caves of Buenos Aires, this is the study of the environment. "Cash Settlement" downgraded 13 cents to 38.59 dollars yesterday evening.

It's worth noting that last night this figure dropped to 31 cents and reduced to 5 rises.

After the rising of $ 39.11 to the beginning of the sales, the currency price dropped from $ 50 to $ 38.55.

Similarly, the stock market continued Brazil's trend, where the North American currency was 1.6% and 0.7% in Mexico.

In the Round of the Central Bank, on average, average liquidity ("Leliq") amounted to 140,075 million tenge per year. US dollars, which means the first rise (even smaller) after fifteen tenders. The maximum number of eight-day letters was 61.691%.

Expert Fernando Izzo, according to ABC Mercado de Cambios, it is "Taking into consideration this trades, banks' investments in these bonds increased by 49% to 46.140 million tenge. "Taking into consideration this trades, banks' investments in these bonds increased by 49% to 46.140 million tenge.

He adds, "Counting that the pesos invested in Leliq are in the chain and the exchange rate would not be less than $ 39."

At the same time, The Treasury Department has issued treasury bills in pesos and dollars (including 193 and 116 days respectively), as well as the National Treasury Bonds (BOTE) at the rate set at 21 November 2020.

By the end of the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Friday, Friday, the stock market is restricted by the combination of leading global leaders.

In this sense, has confirmed that the Single and Free Exchange Market (MULC) will run until Thursday; and on Friday the public will be kept in the public eye.

Other money market

On the money market among banks «Make a Money Call» It was 60% on average. Transaction swaps totaled $ 163 million. On Wednesday and Thursday, the US dollar agreed to buy and / or pledge funds through dollar purchases.

Futures market ROFEX1.725 mln. USD was agreed, 70% of which were agreed in November and December, with a final price of $ 39 and $ 40,465; and 71% and 53.33% FTA rates.

Finally, the Central Bank's reserves totaled $ 147 million on Tuesday. Decreased to $ 51.438 million. US dollars.

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