Tuesday , December 7 2021

The future of video games starts with Android and Samsung and Xbox


It has been said that video game promotions are a long way from the console, from the phone or tablet to the Internet, but the disc or game that is directly loaded with the quality and speed that you see when you play it.

Actually, we already have streaming video services, we have versions like the Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Now, NVIDIA GeForce Now, and many other options, but no one is currently the last option that can be the future, the future. Previously, we had a phone, tablet, we explained that we can play the same game from the console, but it may change soon.

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And, even though we consider Microsoft to be guilty, most of its directory is behind Sony, and sometimes even behind Nintendo. Redmond is one of the best in terms of video game prospects, and thanks to xCloud, it's one of the most powerful VCRs to date.

We already talked Microsoft Project xCloud a few days ago, but already there is a formal announcement of the project's coming to Samsung smartphones, so the future of this industry is near and Samsung and Samsung start with.

The future is now

We have not seen many proofs of how it works on the xCloud console and mobile devices, even though many details are provided, and everything is ready At the beginning of 2019, users begin testingand clearly The first Android users to view this service are Samsung customers.

I did not provide test information either by Samsung or Microsoft, we do not know exactly what date will start, or we do not know what equipment will be compatible in any country, however, it can only be accessible to Project XCloud at the top level. such as Galaxy S10, Note 9 and S9.

According to Microsoft, xCloud provides quality and console graphics on smartphones, the only thing users need to do – except for an additional subscription when officially issuing the service, but we still have to wait a few months

How does Project xCloud work?

Xbox video games are supported by Microsoft Cloud Azure, servers launch the game and send picture and sound to Galaxy smartphones, and Redmond develops smartphone management, allowing complete gaming experiences.

It is assumed that the customer will not be able to provide the user with a minimum of communication speed for a satisfactory experience.

Microsoft determines additional details about the operation as the start date for Project xCloud users reviews.

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