Wednesday , June 23 2021

The G20 party ended and the truth emerged: the dollar rose by 2.35%, while the country's risk rose by 3.72%

The G20 celebration ended. The truth is now full. The central bank should know that reducing the tariff depends not only on humor, currency or inflation, but also on the situation in the world and this is a threat to all investors, including Chinese and Americans.

The fall of Wall Street, the cost of key indicators exceeds 3% because they have seen their intentions Donald Trump Access to China was a sign of vulnerability in Argentina. This is one of the most controversial countries and there are no tenders for Lelik (Leliq), which prevents investors from covering themselves by going to the dollar.

The former government tried to go to China to deliver the IMF. The swapsThe $ 8,600 currencies were guaranteed at a rate of 8% per annum and the construction of the southern dam was abandoned, and soon they would be the suppliers of turbines and turbine spare parts, hydroelectric works, and a strong tax burden on Patagonia. Chinese people use the needs of production and territory. It's a real war on tables.

That's why Trump invested in G20 Mauricio Macri energy and other substances. He hopes that Argentine President will hinder the Chinese expansion swaps Li Ling 's government.

One example is a reduction in country risk from 3.72% to 724 basis points. It was not only because the dollar bonds were lower than the US dollar, but also because of the 10-year US treasury prices and the short-term bonds curve. American investors know that there is a crisis of 2, 3 and 10-year bonds with similar revenue.

For this purpose, The fall of the dollar on Thursday and Monday was the dawn of the day. On Tuesday, the dollar closed at the highest level and became a buyer on Wednesday. Ruffex futures were also closed at the end of the month. He stopped playing the odd dollar rate. Now, the price links the economic factor with political factors.

The exchange rate at the banks and exchange offices rose by $ 70 cents (+ 1.86%) to $ 38.31. Border dollar, along with a few enterprises, rose from 50 cents to $ 36.50.

But if the decision to rise was a bit upward, it was in the wholesale market, where the currencies rose to 86 cents (+ 2.35%) up to $ 37.40, which was as valuable as the money started.

At the same time, the Central Bank's bid for the tender in the Lölke not less than 60,016% (more than 0.47) It swallowed US $ 163.333 million. It was necessary to close the required time.

"The end of the month has passed, and now there is truth. Most investors have taken a pesos from investment funds and moved to the dollar. The events in the United States are often frightening, and in December, we understand that the dollarization is higher than the end of the year, "said one operator," But pay attention to dollar in all Latin American countries. " .

In Mexico, the dollar has gone down by 1.01%, and the Chilean pesos has dropped to $ 3.85 a dollar for the third time.

Funds are estimated at 195 mln. Lost $ 51,101 million. Losing dollars, and $ 107 million in connection with gold rises abroad. International organizations – 8 mln. US $, and Brazil to $ 1 million.

The Merval Index of Leading Shares is approximately 30% lower than the previous wheels, down from $ 577 million. Helps us add $ 0.22 per dollar to business. Transportadora Gas del Sur (+ 3.04%) and YPF (+ 2.36%).

In Wall Street, the Argentine ADRs certified to hold US $ denominated shares – only three times. None of them exceeded 1%. Most importantly, Irsa (-8.38%), Despegar (-4.60%), Grupo Financiero Galicia (-4.24%), Corporacion América (-4.05%) and Mercado Libre (3.97%).

The Bolsa de Oriente index futures, which began working western night, were not worth the end of this warning.

Wednesday warns that Moody's "strictly limits economic activity", which is a crucial day in reviewing compliance with the monetary policy, which warned that inflation will remain "at a high level in 2019." While focusing on the health of the financial system, it suggests an increase in the default on the loan.

The Central Bank is now trying to reduce the fare, as in December it knows that there are any reasons for dollarization.

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