Monday , September 27 2021

"The Golden Generation Finds Many Good Players"

On June 16, 2017, the exact day of Argentina forward, Andrs Marcelo Nocioni is a retired professional. The cone of Argentine beans, which was a fundamental part of the Golden Generation. In the interview, the basketball player made an interesting insight into Claran Diario himself and his future Argentina national team is ahead of the World Cup.

The nearest challenge to Argentine basketball is the Chinese Cup, which will be held in 2019, which is classified in the absence of two games to complete the group stage. Everyone is wondering if each of us can repeat the great achievements of the "Golden Generation". «This can be repeated all the time. When the United States returns to popular players, Argentina will again qualify for a qualitative leap and we will focus on it again. We were the ones who could unite in the team. In Argentina there will be talents and players, – explained the former attacker.

At the moment, many national players are performing in Europe in their teams at a great level and show skill. Facundo Campazzo and Gabriel Deck they are the two symbols of Real Madrid, including the emblem and captain selected, Luis Skola, which works in Shanghai sharks. "Luis says something that might seem puzzling, but then: The "Golden Generation" found many good players because they could not get into the team because they were the ones that beat us. Now in Spain there are three to five, and they can be jumped up and down. «

In addition, the coach of the national team coincides with the word "Chapu" Nocioni. A few days ago I said: "If Campazzo or Deck are not in Real Madrid, they will play in the NBA, and I am happy to have many good toys in Europe. Wildose feels that she has all the chances to go, and the deck is not surprising, and Bruce can go back. "

"The The golden generation was not perfect. We made a high leap for Argentina. We were the pioneers of many things being done during the selection processsuch as types and types of exercises. Ruben (Magnaño) and Sergio (Hernínz) and Julio (Lámas) asked us for advice. We always try to provide positive support to the group, "said the Athens 2004 Olympic Games.

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