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The Government will accelerate the Financial Income Statement for 2019: AIM Digital


Since January 1, the government will have to pay all taxes and income taxes to investors. In addition to deposits in bonds and mutual funds, both deposits will be profitable in the local currency at the rate of five per cent, if they are dollar positions or if they arise. The minimum tax rate for this type of income tax is above $ 66,000. This is the second tranche of tax reform.

The Government will accelerate the use of financial income for 2019

State Revenues Secretary, led by Andrzej Edelshteyn, has posted a draft regulatory decision on its web site. Where economics accountants and experts will have the space to make observations and make changes. The decree has to be sanctioned by the end of the year, and then the Federal State Revenue Administration (AFIP) issues resolutions that will introduce new rules.

The first part of this payment was introduced at the beginning of this year. It's an aliquot that has affected the financial income of non-residents. The government of Mauritius Macri hurries up from the opposition, trying to give a progressive image. He brought it to the Central Bank with tax on Lebak. This result has been merged with a quiet dollar from foreign investors who have reached high productivity through emails. The dollar exchange rate, then less than $ 20 to $ 42 a barrel, broke out.

Financial income tax is a major disadvantage for investors and guardians, which is not covered by the efficiency of the savings. Daniel Vicen, Commercial Director of Total Balance of Payments Fund (FCI), said that this segment of the market is worth $ 200 million. The expert said that the total amount of investment funds in the country amounts to 570,000 mln. About USD. " In accordance with the Regulation, the sole exemption will be the shares of Argentine companies, FCI will not be taxed at local private documents. There is a question of whether Argentinian reserves are available to fund, as most of them combine different investment in their portfolio. The draft decree states that they must have at least 75 percent of Argentinean-owned assets. This proportion may fall due to the loss of portfolios, but should not exceed 30 days per year. Vicien explained that the total amount of funds was being managed, only $ 20,000 million was spent on local events. «. That is, it will reach 550,000 million people. The balance sheets of the balance sheet and government securities of the FCI Group for the first 10 months of this year amounted to $ 156,000 million. "If they use five percent, they will pay $ 7.8 billion, which is about $ 200 million." But because the manager saves funds during rescue, he will pay taxes if the investor decides to keep his funds in FCI.

Another issue is how Afip will justify justifying the financial income. Banks may act as carriers, particularly as a simplified agent, which can be identified in a particular timeline. But with regard to sophisticated investors, each of them may have invested in various instruments, some of them may be lost, and some can have a positive effect.

There they think that Afip can identify anonymous statements about those who have been taxable. "How can the FCI administrator determine whether a client exceeds the minimum unpaid amount of the client?" Explained Vicien. And most importantly, if a person has a different investment in the bank.

Another question. ADR is a certificate of the Argentine companies registered at the New York Stock Exchange. They pay income. But some investors want to avoid tax. When the company pays dividends, some will be able to sell a certificate in the US and buy a local share. But it has already been denied. ADR sales and local promotions will also be taxed.

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