Friday , May 14 2021

The history of the "Loko" romeroo victim condemns the misuse of the La Cámpora Senator

Buenos Aires Senator Jorge "El Loko" Romero released La Como "political obligations" after being accused of sexual assault. Last year he was named on his Facebook page it was a "maho practice". A girl in the network charged with her TN Center powerful episode he lived under Kirchner's leadership.

Stephanie Calo has been a member of the group for gender-based violence in April 2018. In an interview with the TNF, he talked to his colleague, another political force of that force – he was beaten and gave him his Kachetas.

A girl's Facebook profile.
A girl's Facebook profile.

He is in the interview TN Centersaid the girl Tell the story of Romero, until she listened to Thema Fardini, who accused Juan Dattis of raping her. "My girlfriend told my girlfriend to introduce her on the net." He did so.

According to Stephanie's story, The case of 2017, after leaving the police friends. "After dancing, we met Madman, we went to his apartment, and I was there because I left someone, when I left the room, I saw one of the girls drinking, he remembers it.

Romero is Senator until 2019.
Romero is Senator until 2019.

He then recalled the situation as a leader. "El Loco had the past drinks. He told me that I would be offended and make me a straightforward sex. He treated me as a sex worker. He caught me, put me in the bathroom, locked the door, dropped it, and wanted to get oral sex. I opened the door and brought it in again. There were people outside, and I scream. I had to beg him. I told them we could see each other next week, "he said.

La Coca-Cola's former activist has harshly criticized the party's leadership on how to handle the case. "It's not available to warriors, they have to run it, but they put it to the right. but it remains. They do this without any kilo, "he warned.

Romero acknowledged on his Facebook account that he had been a machete experience lately. He also said that "one step was left for his duties" – that he is a leader of the "La Campora" party. After carrying out, he leaves his position in the regional Senate.

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