Friday , June 9 2023

The ISS astronaut will find NASA Windows disks in space


Remember Windows 95?

ESA / Alexander Gerst

Only the International Space Station celebrated its 20th anniversaryand a space filled with old diskette disks from the astronaut and current ISS of the European Space Agency, Alexander Gerst.

Keep in mind that if you are shocked, the discs have been the main power to store on your computer. Now they are an obsolete symbol of computer nostalgia. Gerst found a surprising find on Tuesday.

Gerst found a wardrobe in the ISS, which was not opened for some time. One of the floppies is labeled as containing Norton utilities for Windows 95/98. Some have NASA labels on their labels.

In several disks, the "Crep Personal Support Data Disk" is called Shep and Serge. They were part of the Expedition 1 crew in 2000 for NASA cosmonaut William Shepherd and Russian astronaut Sergei Krikalev.

The disaster-explosion explosion of the past is a joyful recollection of the permanent heritage of the XCS, which includes two decades. Technology has lasted a long time, but waste still remains.

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