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The main agenda in the collapse will determine what will be a Superfinance: everyone should know


Disciplinary court Conmebol and have the power to resist the word and the future Superfinals: After the presentation Boca Juniors as a champion of the game, his arguments River Plate The body of the South American has been under the protection and advice of the club Xeneize To extend the presentation, the jury must announce a decision known today and Friday.

The presentation of new evidence before the Boca Juniors Convento Courts' Court is a dispute over the return of the 2018 Copa Libertadores final when the discharge of the river port due to violence last Saturday.

The river that wants to play, and finally his trainer's voice Marcelo Gallardo, after he denied the Argentine Cup at the Gymnasium de La Plata "We will play in the final, we do not know when or where, but from tomorrow we will prepare a game."

Location Doll, According to the President millionaire, Rodolfo D. Onofrio, He faces head defeat to win a trophy with a strong goal and a scoring and extended attack.

"We do not agree to play any games before the trial, the president confirmed on Tuesday night Xeneize, Daniel Angelici, "I'm not happy about marking the day of the game."

"If the Boca President sees me …. Finish, I stop giving up the plywood, and I came to play. Do not play, do not invent, you sign up with me. You told me and the president of Conemberg (Alejandro Domínguez). I think you have a word and they lead you to something you do not need, "says Onofrio Mar del Plata at a press conference.

From legalism to legitimacy

Boca Juniors's position gave a new version of the statement made by President Conmebol on Tuesday. Alejandro Domínguez, Asunción's neighbor held a meeting with the peers of the river and Boca at the headquarters of the South American Confederation in Luca.

"The final match will be played outside of Argentina, – said Konbebol On December 8 and 9, the deadline for the final suspension River attackers' micro-attacks on the mouth when the final match is over to the Monument Stadium.

"We join the bill, the Judge must take the time to examine all the evidence Boca has given, and sanctions will be imposed on nonviolent people to know that no more than football," Angelic asked Wednesday afternoon to extend the response to the river.

The spirit of the final at the river stadium was also taken by Onofrio's political queue. "The president wants and wants the game to play in the river's palace (…) These are very important issues, "said the leader Mauricio Macri.

The attack on stones and clubs left several players Henyeses including captain Pablo Perez, and his left eye was damaged.

Incidents have been forced to halt superfinally twice the Argentinean football's unprecedented competition amongst the world's anticipated opponents.

Bok is contained in Article 18 Conventional rules of conduct, it provides sanctions until defeat, which is an independent body that has not submitted the definitions in the initial report to the Tislan tribunal.

In determining or disqualifying the outcome provided for in Article 18 of the Regulations, in 2015, Libertadores would like to be the strongest in the eighth finals, especially against the river, to which the players were attacked on the pepper spray. The first race in the bomber.

He won the title of Libertadores for the third time this year, and his seventh crown in the Boca Court or on the table equates his independent compatriots as the highest winner of the continental competition.

"We believe there are sufficient grounds to come to Boca's request. We go to the Appeal Court. We will eliminate all cases and if we go to TAS (Lausanne, Switzerland's Sports Arbitration Court), we will do it, "Angelo said.

Miami, Doha, Asuncion?

There were information on the name of several cities in the corridors of Conemberg, one of the strongest destinations for the event was the capital of Parunavand Asunción. Miami and Doha have also been part of the commitment to be their headquarters.

Conemberle and the Embassy of Qatar are in close contact. Next year, Brazil will take part in Brazil from June 14 to July 7 as a guest in America.

"I want to play it anywhere, and then we need to know what Boka looks like," he says. Made by Gallardo.

Thursday November 29 or Friday 30: Whether the Conmebol Disciplinary Court has announced the decision as a Boxing Champion, or if he approves the final challenge

If it fails in the last sense, Boka will remain in the bureaucratic context, in that case Condemle Appeals Commission (next step – TAS)

The river intends to play its own stadium on its side, with its public as Boca in the first race of Monumental and Bombonera.

Conembol Klaus was approved as Libertadores de America at the final day of the decisive match on Sunday, December 8th or Sunday, December 9th, Sunday.

All of the Disciplinary Tribunal's decision and the Boca's decision are the last bureaucratic claims.

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