Tuesday , June 6 2023

The new epidemic of E. Coli affects the local economy


In the salad of the Romanin salad, which warned the country on the eve of the Thanksgiving Day. Coli's new disease affects the local economy, has been ordered by the Department of Agriculture on Wednesday. Stop this crop.

"It affects us. Because of my lack of corruption, there are three groups that have stopped since Wednesday, and consumers stop consuming the novel salad. These precautions are insignificant and uneven until these phenomena occur. Something is going on, "says Antonio Osepera, an agricultural labor contractor since 1985 and President of Oseguera Harvest.

According to him, his unemployed 60 people work, which will reduce it to $ 27 thousand a day. "I have few people for the novel salad, but there are thousands of workers. In the region, 10,000 acres a week, and the Romain salad is one of the strongest products in the state of Yuma, which has been planted a lot. «

Last Tuesday, 32 cases of cervical cancer treatment were reported by Disease Control and Prevention Centers (CDC), stained with E. coli O157: H7. Of the 11 states of the US, Shiga toksin is the manufacturer, 13 of which are hospitalized, including hemolytic uMain syndrome, renal insufficiency. There is no death at this time.

Diseases start from October 8 to October 31, so you can pay attention to the salmon salad collected in Monterey County, California or surrounding area.

CDC detected a disease of 18 people infected with the same DNA fingerprints of E. coli O157: H7 bacteria in Canada's Ontario and Quebec provinces.

CDC's offer to consumers in the country ceases to feed the novel salad and sellers and restaurants and refuses to sell it unless it is aware of the investigation being under way.

This is not spring-spring, it has its source in the Yamma Canal and has caused hundreds of deaths in 32 countries and 5 people.

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