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The new solar energy project will begin on December 10 Cuyo diaries


Power Governor Wayne, Municipal Marinero and Jinko Solar will go to a new solar plant plant yesterday.

On December 10, the Solar Design Church, Estancia Guañizuil, which will be one of the largest solar generating in Argentina, will start producing energy that will affect the National Integrated System. It will provide a capacity of 80 MW and 55,000 houses. If you invest about $ 103 million, your work will be useful for 30 years.

During the trip, governor Sergio Junac made the project "Genco Solar", which was developed by Cordillera Solar I SA, a targeted society (SPE). It is located on the outskirts of the 150th line leading to Passro de Agua Negra, 5 km from Las Vegas, Iglesia.

The project has a panel of 287,080, which will produce renewable energy sources, which will help develop sustainable energy and industrial enterprises, reduce energy budget, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and provide energy independence. That is, after the project implementation, not only domestic users, but also production and production.

Cordillera Solar I SA In November 2016, he received a tender for Renewable Energy Renewal 1.5 and signed an Energy Consortium Agreement with the Electricity Supply Management Company (Jammas) in 2017. The selected area in the church area has been selected for the great resource of its sunlight, the best in the country and in the world.

The project involves the construction of a high-voltage power line of 132 kV and its 16 km long connection to the Sadi Bauchaceta ET park.

As Governor Wenach said, "We think that there is a situation between public and private sectors, the only social articulator to be employed, and then form new market niches."

Director of the Ginko Project, Fernando Mateo, noted that this is a large photoelectric project, which will be launched at the national level in the future. Marcelo Marinero told about "the contribution to productive and economic development".

In Alberton 's

There is also the Las Lomitas Photovoltaic Park, opened in Alberton in late October. It has a capacity of 2.5 MW and requires 2.5 million pesos investments. Entrepreneurship represents more than a thousand homes for clean energy and is part of the Renewable National Energy Plan, with more than 200 such initiatives in the country. The official intention is to make renewable energy sources competitive with any other person.

In Ullum

Argentina and the United States have pledged $ 800 million to the US Government's Financial Institute (OPIC) for financing energy jobs and passenger infrastructure yesterday. The dollar has signed six agreements on financing. USD. One of them is Ulba Model I, II and III Sun Rays, located near the Solar Factory of San Juan in Ullum.

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