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The new study was due to increased eggs cholesterol and heart risk


When writing on a search engine "eggs "," healthy "," o "and" no ", More than 63 million tickets are registered causes debate It's around a high quality food protein, vitamin D, choline and luteinamong other nutrients however, raises cholesterol. New study Journal of the United States Medical Association (JAMA) It is aimed at solving this problem. There is no good news for the octopus and fratassist lovers.

Drinking cholesterol 300 mg daily (which is less than two) is associated with a high risk of 17% of cardiovascular disease and 18% increase in risk.

at the same time moderate consumption was due to problems: Three or four eggs per week increase the risk of cardiovascular disease by 6% and overall mortality by 8%.

Scientists and then divide the potential factors (eg saturated fats) In an egg-hazardous environment, it contains cholesterol: its largest is 186 mg concentrated in its serum. This effect is just like bacon and red meat.

Work of American researchers Northwestern, Duke, Massachusetts-Lowell, and Mississippi for several years the feeding parameters were analyzed 29,615 people. He also analyzed data from six major cardiovascular trials.

"This is the most comprehensive study we have today," he said. Wall Street Magazine (WSJ), who did not participate in research on nutrition expert Alice Liechtenstein. "The authors carefully considered many other aggregate factors«

In the US, not only is it important not to let egg production last but not least National dietary guidelines should be revised, warned the text. "In my opinion, this study relies on a lot to show that figure There is a detrimental effect on diet cholesterol administration, and possibly affect the balance of what we know, "says the editor-in-chief Norrina Allen.

Since the study was a contest, it found that it was a great threat to many eating eggs Research which directly identifies cause-and-effect relationships.

COmar is simple between three or four eggs a week, Professor of the Department of Endocrinology and Cardiology at the University of Colorado Robert Ekel introduced the introductory text. But it eats two eggs per day, 27% higher than cardiovascular diseases and 34% of total death.

The main correlations between allen, diet cholesterol and cardiovascular disease The worst dezolitrine (LDL) is more than 70 milligrams for one deciliter. However, he emphasized the importance of moderate egg consumption There are nine amino acids that the body needs to work, and do not trust and find hard to find other dishes, the hill.

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