Saturday , June 3 2023

The only light-acting molecular engine


Chemists have developed the first molecular engine, which is only light-emitting, regardless of temperature.

Lewwig-Maximilians-University's Henry Dupe and student Aaron Gervien developed the engine or chemical carousel, which even faster at low temperatures.

"We have been able to transform one of the structural modules into the second, changing the molecule, which requires only three reactions," says Dupe. "Each rotation period consists of three different phototherapy, two of which have been experimentally tested for the first time this year."

The new engine is based on the so-called hemicidineogram, which has two different carbon-based skeletons, associated with mobile dual contact. The LMU team said that all three steps of full rotation have led to a decrease in temperature.

According to Dupe and Gervien, the engine's engine's mechanism allows the researchers to synthesize molecular machines that deliver new, exclusive attachments.

Molecular engines, which rotate in one direction in response to external power output, form an important component of future use in nanotechnology. While the light flux was dependent on the heat-insulating reactions, molecular motors relied on the lowest ambient temperature.

LMU has announced its results Journal of American Chemical Society.

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