Tuesday , September 28 2021

The plan will create water to increase the quota

One of the negative effects of the US dollar raising in Argentina was the increase in the value of zero-kilometers cars and the transfer of it to the price of the savings plan, which was planned to be checked by several buyers who entered the system.

Thus, sales of automobiles will be covered by a 7% decline in the patents in 2018 due to the sharp rise in transport costs due to the vehicle's impairment. Weight per dollar.

The Argentina Automobile Dealers Association (AKCA) has noticed that they have been tested for energy conservation plans in the last months due to the increase in vehicle valuables.

With regard to inconveniences, this is due to the sharp increase in quotas because the securities are subject to renewal until the share is finally settled.

In other cases, for example, those who are within 0 kilometers of accessibility, they are subject to a price difference on the official list applicable to scheduled and cost-based discounts on the official list. it can be obtained by buying cash.

As a result of this panorama, the carrier believes that caretaker companies are fragile and inevitably needs to respond quickly to options such as prolongation, remuneration, and tariff improvements. long term ".

According to the academy's directors, the previous savings plan is an anti-recession product, which is "ineffective, because of the devaluation and the influence of inflation" and in 2018 this will be a fall in the sales channel. At the end of December, 7% of patents ranging from 35% to 28% of the total.

By 2019, Acara's economic and financial fluctuations triggered a sharp decline in sales in the middle of the current year, and as a result, the sector has accumulated 260,000 shares, which are not traded between concessionaires and terminals.

This last issue – according to managers – means the sale of the first 5 or 6 months of 2019. This stock exchange opens the way for automakers to adjust production cycles prior to stabilization of the automobile market, so the advertising value of vehicles will be extended in the first months of 2019. In this regard, the prices for cars will rise again until the second half of next year, until they reach "the dollar's equilibrium price."



units 0 km. This is the accumulated stock of vehicles for sale. Will promotional speeches continue?

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