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The possible "operational bomb" in European football is Mauro Icardi – 31.12.2012

Order of the day in Milan. Mauro Icardi does not consider Inter's leadership, his poodle team, and its golden value, which he has still offered to upgrade the deal. Waura Nara, her spouse and representative, spore-identical statements showing the difference between winning Mauro and another league will help clear the tension climate. And all of a sudden, it is expected that the Italian team will be improved by an operation that transforms stars into stars.

Nothing is a mystery here, trying to restore the European glory, which eventually became too far away (removed from the group stage of the Champions League to avoid the Dutch PSV). Tournament since 2010) and aims to pursue high goals in the transitional market, trying to involve the Italian football team by Christian Ronaldo in Juventus.

One of the flashes – the introduction of the Golden Ball in the beginning of December, and the addition of Ljoka Modric, who violated the hegemony of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Croatia's Real Madrid Madrid club soon became popular after the World Cup in Russia, but eventually it was impossible to hold it. Now I'm trying to cut a new opposite in that direction. But he does not do it.

Corriere dello Sport lid.

Corriere dello Sport lid.

According to the Italian newspaper cover Corriere dello Sport, Real Madrid's ideal partner can be from Real Madrid's Toni Kroos team. General Director of "Inter" Beppe Marotta expressed his wishes. German-born trauma brings a lot of football to the middle ground, which is unable to qualify for a hand-to-hand competition with European football players.

In any event, it is not excluded that there are other intentions other than Madrid. Not only because of Kroon, but also because of his interest in Argentina's goals, Cristiano Ronaldo's shooting power is still so interesting that he left Juventus after finding new challenges. At present, the quality of Frenchman Karim Benzema and Welsh Garet Bale is not enough.

In this scenario, which did not have a new connection with Inter, "Ikaridi" was originally directed by Real Madrid, who came to the local league in Barcelona in the hands of Lionel Messi in Abu Dhabi. It seemed that he had to win the championship three times.

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