Friday , June 18 2021

The proximity of the words "100 Days of Love" ends: why Nancy Duplaya and Karla Peterson have cried?

Last Friday 100 days are loving Thanks to the nostalgia for the parting of the members and the departure of the members, they ended up in a festive atmosphere. The bar Telefe will end on Wednesday the next 12, but her main characters are far from good.

On Thursday, the 29th of the day, on the floor was the last day on Friday, and on Friday, the 30th of the day. The main characters of the 2018 comedy comedy are bringing their line up to various posts, bringing the end and back of the farewell. Carla Peterson and Nancy Duplayafirst of all, shared their emotional moments with respect to their classmates. In all groups, a good wave fraternity was armed and screened. From two actresses, companies that share poster and protagonism and never compete with them.

The casting ended with two festive events. One big, the other is close. The first was in the producer's office Underground, on Friday, Friday was the 23rd place for the whole group, which made the 125 episodes. The second day, on Friday, 30th, was a grill close to the studio in Martinez.

They are both actors and technicians – the words of farewell to the wedding party and the excitement of both, the nostalgia to cover the scenes, the two main heroes that make them happy – the cheating cheat among them – one of the keys to the success of the program Sebastian Ortega

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