Friday , May 14 2021

The river meets an opponent: Espina attacks Al Ain

It starts to dance on Tuesday River Plate within Club World. A millionaire, he will win Boca Juniors finally America's Cup of Libertadoresmeeting with the opponent in today's semi-finals. Esprance de Tnez accident Al Ain for the quarterfinals of the tournament, which unites the best teams on the continent. The duel begins 13:30 and should be provided Fox Sports. At the same time, Kashima Antlers against playing Chivas de Guadalajara defining opponent real Madrid.

The match between the African team and the local team will be held at the Hazzza ben Zayed Stadium in Al Ain. Teams headed by Zoran Mamik were defeated by Wellington. In addition, the Neocell table has started to vary from 3 to 0. However, local residents downgrade the scoreboard and did not make any difference over time, and Al Ain won twelve steps.

The formation of the Fauosi Benigni team consists of the following players: Moeez Ben Cheryfia; Mohamed Amin Meskini, Aiman ​​Mahmood, Ali Mahani, Halil Chemem; Guilhain Chaaleli, Fuschen; Anis Badri, Yukef Belali, and Adem Rzaiibi; and Taha Henicci. DT: My Chabai. At the competition, the African representative attempts to enter the last resort of the tournament for the first time.

The local team comes with eleven finalists in the Mundiallo: Khalid Iisa; Mohamed Ahmed, Ismail Ahmed, Mochnat Salem and Tsukas Shiotani; Ahmed Barman, Ibrahim Daki, Tonga Dumbia; Hussein El Shahat, Jamal Marouf and Caio. Zoran Mamik can not trust one of his best midfielder. Mohammed Abdulrahman showed the red card in the last minute of the last minute, after the order had already been funded, but he did not mind the Tunisian game.

River Plate, dreams of a hypothetical clashes against Real Madrid at the World Cup final, makes it possible to draw conclusions about the possible opponent. The team led by Marcelo Gallardo has good news on Tuesday: Ignato Skokko has gone through medical treatment and may have minutes in the Mundialo. Rafael Santos Borr also announced his intentions to remain in the box at the Nez.

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