Friday , May 14 2021

The road to problems and difficulties complicates Boca's difficulties

Why? Fernando Nimbbro

The president of the Boca is a year running where he has participated in many competitions, including the new Copa Libertadores, the Argentinean Championship and some controversies with the river, some of which are friendly. That is why It is not easy for Angelica to appoint a trainer because it takes less time and Guillermo's three-year long-term project can not be implemented.

He must also be burdened by his heirs. Anzhelika hopes to be part of the rest of the team on behalf of the club. In this union of government, Some people believe that the Angelichi style is over. They think that we have to return to pure macroism, but because Angelica is a treasure trove of time, it's part of the board.

Thus, It is not easy to appoint a trainer. As he left Guillermo, Boca did not only win the Copa Libertadores team but also if he were to win the team. Today, it does not sell, rather than selling it. She was pleased with the gymnasium not to be a pianist and 30% of existing costumes will be eliminated if the new trainer identifies those who have been removed and they think that should be the same. In any case, he does not return the money that Boca did.

The goal is over, and that is the completeness of questions and excitement. Leaders believe there are time to appoint a new coach, but they have to make a decision between Christmas and New Year, as the team will return to training on January 2 and 3.

And here the situation arises such as young technicians like Becaccece or Heinzethat the plan, the project, the future, and the Angels are unable to give them. Or between installed technicians Mature as alphabet. Mohamed and Miguel Russo, career guys. And some unusual technicians like Felipe Scolari, Pekerman or Ricardo Gareca. Some are adapting, and I think it's Angelika who chooses the technicians of the last team.

Gareca has some disadvantages. Pekerman has raised doubts about the involvement of the intermediaries around him in Colombia. Felipo is aggressive towards the guy who is not faithful to anyone, he brings his personality and touches his clothes. Felipe wants to bring Felipe Melody Barry to save them. He's a very good guy, and he's going to come out with Nanaes very quickly and hit Boca's fans.

Boka's conclusions are that they spend a lot of money, they feel disturbed, can not make political mistakes, and they need to be very careful, but for them last year, more and more in the mandate of someone with experience more than a younger name.

In my opinion, this tendency is to go to the technique. "Garage" faced many challenges, and Felipe was interested. In fact, they think then the road will be very heavy, because it is then the town's troubles.

If the technician decides to leave Carlos Tevez, the leaders are ready to dismiss any player. There is no rule in Guillermo, who attacked the bad mood of team players who did not want a situation like Tevez or Vanballa Ábil. They also think about the advancement of Brazil because they encourage Benedict and Abria to sell the Brazilian license they love.

While all is discussed, nowadays, Boca's future is full of challenges and challenges.

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