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The urologist and the oncologist ask to check the men's prostatitis


A large percentage of men over 45 may be prostate cancer

Santo Domingo, PDGood hyperplasia of one of the four men over the age of 50, half of the 60s and between 80s and 80s the prostateit is a good development of the pancreas that causes uretratic compression and urinary problems.

Doctors Octavio Cruz Pineda, urologist-transplantologist and oncologist, doctor Writing by Garcia GarciaTell us about Savia Care's November issue.

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A large proportion of men over 45 can be prostate cancer, so it's advisable to go to a specialist as a preventative measure, "says Cruz Pineda.

The urologist and gynecologist examine the international and are expected to register 250 new cases of cancer in the United States, which is the second occurrence of men after skin cancer. According to the doctor, men after 50 years go to a specialist and check their prostate.


Dr. Garcia, in turn, said that he had been classified as a prostate cancer group and that he had a very low or very low risk segment that could never be treated. This requires several factors.

According to the expert, this group is determined by studying the level of prostate specific antigen (PSA), tumor size, age of the patient and their survival rate.

"The patient with prostate cancer is often unsuitable for treatment, because he was ill, and he has other factors that complicate his life before any pathologies," he said.

It is impossible to treat a patient with prostate cancer over 80 years of age and other complications, since he actually dies of tumors rather than other diseases. They are often called "indolent" tumors.

In this case, not only the elderly, but also the young men with malignant neoplasms are not treated and take an active part in monitoring the tumor behavior.

In this case, the doctor explained that magnetic resonance and PSA are performed several times a year, and if something is interesting, biopsy is done and the patient determines the need for treatment.

She explained that patients who want to go to any consultation need to carry out such supervision.

Garcia says he has a group of people who are being treated, so international advice tells the 50-year-old about the risk to a urologist and decides whether he should be a PSA. In addition, after 70 years, this estimate is not shown because it is higher at that age, and patients are diagnosed and treated unnecessarily.

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