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The Venezuelan Philippine Record Tells Los Angeles And Has Copied Many Works


Visual illustration National Festival of Festivals in 2019 a Conflict after finding a clear plagiarism. Apparently, the designers were right $ 120,000, They were "inspired" during their creation Filipino language Invited John Ed Da Vera (@battery_full), who learned about the incident, told about it Andriy

John said he knew that his messages and comments on his profile would be cataracts Instagram (there are many 110,000 followers), as several Mendocatsans said they had a great deal of similarity between their work and yesterday Ministry of Culture. The situation surprised him because of his language barrier and the fate of the main characters.

Philadelphia's John Edd Vera, a man who knew about grape harvesting in social networks, accusing plagiarism.

«I was really sad because something like this was happening. As creators and designers we inspire others and inspire others to work because you learn to do that, "said John.

"But it's a competition. The organizers are looking for the main visual picture and conformity that can be found on Fiesta. The designers could use other types of paper to show other images, "said the artist, who disappointed with the lost opportunity.

"To understand, the authors did not ask for permission to use my work as a reference" convicted and condemned: "Of course, The image of a woman on the poster looks like one of the paper pyramids made a year ago. "

On the left is the original work of the Philippine designer. Image of Vendimia 2019 to the right.

Philippine designer, She also worked on sketches Black Panther (Marvel) and what Usually it shares its works Instagram not only said that she had just copied the poster of a female figure, but also said that the marathon was also. The two images are the same as those used 2 years ago and have the same technique.

As can be seen from the pictures, nympha 2019 It looks like a poster. Also, the marathon poster crown is very similar and some details that decorate the animation corridor.

The Culture Secretariat presented and presented artistic compositions of the most celebrated menzozin yesterday. By nickname "Papermost", " The winners of the competition were publicist and two designers (Pablo Miguel Morales, Daniel Frederico Bordon and Juan Pablo Enigina), but now they are involved in a big scandal.

One piece of discussion

"We try to do what we have not seen before and everyone likes it (as far as possible), because Vendimia is all. We use the papercata technique, consisting of punch papers, and setting them together to get 3D effects. We have made it manually, and because the harvest is handmade, "they say, hours before they were charged with plagiarism.

According to the Philippines, the people of Mendoza were "inspired" in his two works. Not only nymphs, but also other poster's crowns and ornaments.

«Creative people (most of them try) steal their work and, worse, than that, "wrote Filippin.

After a dispute involving the same amount of appeal, complaint, and fraud on social networks Ministry of Culture he met with the jury in the morning to find out what will be with older posters and people responsible for plagiarism.

In this regard judges – Carroll Claudia Gailles, Ministry of Culture; Celia Iancicott, UNESCO Art and Design School; Representative of the Champaign University Veronica Miges; Eduardo Garcia, University Foundation; Federico Ontanilla for Aconcagua University; Susanne Simmons as a member of the Gutemberg Institute; Susan Cabrera, the Mendoza Designers Association (Adimza) and Maria Julia Posa, representing the winner of the stage product, the scenario and the winner of the National Festive 2019 Festival.

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