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There is another great news: Lisandro López is out of date – 04/12/2018

Lizandro Lopez gets all the light of this race more than the Superliga's main contender. And that's not bad: Lie, 35 years old, one of the most successful moments of his career, scored 11 goals in the tournament (one of the Hollywood players, Emmanuel Gigliotti). Another thing is this is Wednesday afternoon sign an upgrade termination of the contract by July 2020. But the race did not use 5 points atletico Tucuman only because of the forward attack, but Eduardo Kudit strong defense. And in the main sector, the central couple is unique Chacho restored until the end of the year: Sigurli-Donatti.

Leonardo Sigali and Alejandro Donatti they are strengthened together. It chose the cart Chacho In January of this year, Lucas Orban did not recover after a long-lasting injury. During the first semester, Sigali and Donatti played 13 matches: they won 8, 3 wins and 2 wins; With 29 points and 13 against. Statistics do not stop there, for example, at that time, Sigali scored 3 goals and Donatti 4.

The injuries In the second semester, they complicated the Donatti: first in the lower left pelvis, and then in the right femoral bicep. Lucas remains Orban. But on the 12th day, against gymnastics Chacho He returns to Sigali and Donatti: it was a 3-0 win. Then Banfield with a zero and 3-1 victory over Tuller in Cordoba. Balance: 3 played, 2 wins; One of them scored 6 goals.

The last digit of the Sigurli-Donatti duo as a starter they affect, because they had 71 percent of the scandal: they played 16 games, won 10, lost 4 and lost 2 (2-1 against Santa Fe, Cylinder).

"When I was wounded, he hit me support to the group. Now I have to be inside and I'll make it out of my own way. We work well during the week and are reflected in this field. Hopefully, I will continue to do so, "said Donatti Talerce after a victory." We have achieved a very important victory in a complicated court. We played very well and we were smart. Everyone has a good level.

On the other hand, there was no time for competitions in the competition Relaxation: She came from Cordoba on Tuesday and taught San Martín de San Juan to think about the game planned, but academic leaders and they asked for changes on Saturday. Motivation? The holiday is supposed to be the winner of Copa Libertadores.

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