Saturday , June 3 2023

These days off guests of Andy and Mirta


Mirta Legrand and Andy Kusnetzoff it will compete again for Saturday. 22 hours Telefe included PH We can talk, And it is simultaneously Thirteen included Mirta Night.

Journalists will be Brazilian artists Anita, "Downtown" singer; actor Brian BullionWho did Pedro play? Marginalized; known cardiologist D.Aniel Lopez Rosetti; pair Paula Chávez and Peter Alfonso, who is returning to work Interesting about Louise; and Valeria Mazza, was recently on the Mirta table.

Diva gets the tile Cortá by Lozano Lisi Talijani, journalists Flavio Azzaro and Gabriel Levinas, Chancellor and Foreign Minister Jorge ForiAnd the model Maria Vázquez.

From 13 o'clock on Sunday Dinner with Mirta Legran, Chiku shares his table with the singer Kevin Johansen, political scientist and writer Julio Barbaro his daughter Carmela (former vice president) Los Angeles de la Maanaña), Member Dancing That's Piraeus, An Olympic thrower trainee Jenny Dalgren and a cardiologist Jorge Tartaglio.

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