Tuesday , June 28 2022

They are called "caprice"


Sara Lopez Soto
Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana
Committee, Social, 2 semester [email protected]

Anorexia is one of the most horrible diseases and attracts the attention of a few people. For several years, the numbers have been rising and the heart beat is not beaten by society, which has introduced stereotypes. But not only anorexia, but also other nutritional disorders, such as muscle and maneuverability, are self-destructive, have been corrupted by men, and have been hindered by other harsh physical events.

According to the Ministry of Health, Colombia has received an anesthetic diagnosis from 2009 to 2017 by people aged 0-19, with an average of 4222 patients per year treated, of which 60.8% of women are very disturbed because very few people know the range of problems that lead to these diseases ; It should be noted that girls suffer from the very youngest age.

In Mexico, about 20,000 adolescents are reported with anemia and anorexia every year, an increase of 300% over the past 20 years, reports The Economist. Also, the National Psychiatry Institute committed itself to commit suicide by 10% of those with anorexia and only 25% received specialized treatment.

Buenos Aires Argentina has a Center for Cedé, offering interdisciplinary, personalized and outpatient care for Buddhism, Anorexia and any other type of diet; they have a team of professionals, psychologists, psychiatrists, family therapists and dietologists working in this field because they have a misunderstanding that they call "suffering" because they are really specialized in feeding their lives. innocent people who are subjected to measures that define society as a beauty.

The number of people affected by these diseases is increasing, and together with them causes depression, suicide, and fear. Humiliation, humiliation and laughter as well as the appearance of the body and the individual are a boom for the development of this type of disorder, and today there are many children, adolescents and adults who try to overcome this "caprice."

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