Tuesday , August 16 2022

They are investigating the murders in the central building in Neuenburg


A criminal case has been initiated against Yevgenia Titanti, early morning morning investigating the murder of the capital of Neuquen in the heart of the city. The body of a 34-year-old man was found in a sixth-storey apartment, which, according to investigators, was burned to the scene and then escaped.

There, in 235 Calle Castellli, a powerful police force was established with the participation of the investigators. This is a two-story tower complex. The incident that took place after 4:30 and then in the building was achieved after the two doors were intercepted by the inner courtyard of the two corpses.

According to the preliminary information, police officers have completely destroyed the thick glass doors of the two towers and the crystals are broken inside, indicating that the criminals had broken them during the flight. Behind the door of the building and the sports beach, located on the corner of Mathew, there is a footprint of more than one and a half times.

In addition to blood traces, clothes were found on public roads and other items, furniture was burnt inside the house, which could not be further harmed. According to the first information, the victim and the perpetrator were in the apartment before the episode.


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