Wednesday , June 23 2021

They detained a young woman who was accompanied by a journalist killed in the hotel

After a 13-day investigation, the Justice Minister detected and arrested a young woman, who was killed by a journalist in a hotel in Florence.

This is a 17-year-old paraguayan young girl. The suspect soon left the temporary shelter and the body was opened.

According to judicial sources, Infobae, Arrested in the southern district of Buenos Aires, Bernal.

The Likata family condemned the disappearance on Sunday, November 18. Until next Wednesday, prosecutors Cesar Troncoso and Marcelo Roman investigators investigated the case of NN, who was in the courtroom at Viamontte Street. The young man did not seek a three-day absence from the corpse. I tried.

His body was tied to a temporary shelter in Obsession near Floresta. Here, on Saturday, 17th, at 11:30 am, a mysterious woman came to search for justice for 13 days, up to 16 hours today.

One of the important aspects of the prosecutor Marcelo Roma's attention was the mobile phone of the victim. After the death of Licata, a woman who escaped from the place indicates that she took her phone and used the following days for outbound calls.

On the day of his death, that cell appeared three times in the Flores region, near Monsrothers, more precisely in the subway of the Underground, and eventually in the Wilderness area. The next day there was a call from this device near the town of Bernal, where she was arrested.

Now, after the arrest, a new stage has been set up to determine whether Licata's death has occurred and to determine the degree of guilt and to seek medical treatment. In the next few hours, courts are investigating.

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