Monday , November 23 2020

"They make us play," said the Tevez River Boka harsh words

Carlos Tevez and Fernando Gago Press players were Boca players. And Tevez has denied everything: "They make us go to the finals." Tevez said, "We have three players who can not play."

Tevez says that Konebel, a doctor who has been wounded, is "under great pressure." "We want to play a normal match, and Fifa and Congolese want to play," Tevez said.

"I have not seen any rivers here," said Tevez, explaining the controversial situation.

GagoThat made me very impressed. I had an allergic reaction, some of them put pressure on others, they dropped. They had breathing problems. We waited a few hours, it was impossible. «

Boca's players were attacked by a river fan in the stadium. Pablo Pérez, captain, was one of the most wounded, with tension. He can not play.

Boca does not want to play, but Conembelle says he plays at 7:15

  • "We want to say that most of our families are good. There are only 3 or 4 players with minor injuries, "says Mirri Cordoba.
  • "We do not go in for clothes and it's hard to talk with our family. We can not play. They make us play. Pablo (Perez) came with a new patch, "he said.
  • After the attack on Tuyes, he was "frightened" and said that his eyes were on fire. "Now I get sick," he said.
  • "We go out to say we're gonna play. There are no good physicians, "he said.
  • Additionally, he complained about the absence of a situation in the river players.

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