Wednesday , November 25 2020

They mean the government's decline in petrol – Diario La Provincia SJ

The executive branch has agreed to a comprehensive, but thorough, negotiations with oil companies. The goal is to reduce the fuel price by 10%, at least to "bonuses", to December.

"In December, the carbon tax is being renewed, but we believe that oil companies have reached import-parity (the import price of local production is measured) and now they are at least 10% repayable (naphtha)", added Rosada. "If oil companies take into account import prices, they can import for imports, logical things will be reduced".

The executive branch said that the international oil prices rose to 85 dollars in early October. But now the scenario has changed, and in the case of the Brent brand, which is considered in the country, Brent will drop $ 62 per barrel.

In the executive branch, these arguments are raised by YPF representatives, but they can also accept other key players in the market – Axion and Shell. In any case, YPF's market leadership is a love for the market.

In oil companies, they still do not comment on the position proposed by the Executive Power. They recognize, for example, that the export equilibrium, for example, is close to or attainable in the current price level in naptas sper. However, they note that they did not convert their income into impairment.

In October, the naphtha office dropped 6%, and each of them was evident in two insurance premiums.

Source: Los Andes

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